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9 things you didn’t know


This was a “thing” going around facebook for awhile where you share a number of things about yourself and when someone “likes” your post, you give them a number and they complete the task as well. During that time I accidentally “liked” multiple of them, then would never remember/not really want to write out my own. So, I decided I’d take the biggest number I was given and write my things out on here. So, here it is. 9 things you didn’t know about me.


1. I am great at the game Memory. The first round. Each time after that I get worse and worse. It’s like my brain can’t start over when a new game does. By the third game, I am shockingly terrible when I’ve seen 2 of the same cards. I mean terrible as in, not even in the vicinity of what I’m trying to find.

2. I currently have 26  lists on my iPhone and 2 on paper. I am a list machine. If all of the stuff in my head had to stay in there, I might just go crazy. Putting it down on paper (or iPhone) gets it out of my head and my brain is free to keep thinking. I used to not be able to use any technological device for my lists because I didn’t get to physically write anything down or cross anything off. The more babies I have, the less time I have around paper so I’ve had to adjust out of necessity. And yes, I’m one of those people who writes something on a list after it is completed just for the satisfaction of crossing it off. It’s totally legitimate.

3. I love baby smells. I daily smell Big Baby’s feet, breath, neck and yes, poo. They all smell good to me. His yawns are by far my favorite though. It’s the best way to get the most concentrated whiff. My mom is a smeller too. I get it honest.

4. I have aspirations of writing a booksomeday.  I think I’d have a lot of fun writing fiction and creating a story. Recently I’ve discovered I love listening to Spoken Word and have started wondering if I’d enjoy doing that as well. Writing a children’s book would be fun too!
5. I’m an idealist. This is news to me. I took a new personality test that said I’m a Harmony Seeking Idealist. I was surprised by both of those key words: harmony and idealist. I’ve never actually paid attention to what an idealist is so when I looked it up, I thought “yup, that pretty much sums up my outlook on life.” Idealist: dreamer, romantic, visionary, Utopian. I’m pretty pleased to see those words. I want to be those things so I’m glad that says it’s who I am! Harmony has always sounded so peaceful and mellow and I’ve never thought of myself in those terms, but after reading my results on that test, I couldn’t disagree that I seek harmony in my life and relationships.
6. I love trying new things and I love change. Just look at my hairstyles. I have one for a little while and then want something new. It’s not that I didn’t like the one I just had, it’s that I want to try something different. I get bored easily. We started Jurassic January with the kids, pretending the dinosaurs come alive at night and I was so into it the first week. But within a week I started forgetting andwas much less interested. Things become a discipline to complete after I’ve been doing them for awhile. But give me a new idea, or an opportunity to change my house around and I am ALL for it.
7. The first time I played golf with Travis I cried. I had been watching him play for 6 months to a year and he made it look like no big deal. It seemed like anyone could do it. All you have to do is swing the club and hit the ball. I played soft ball for a bunch of years and am pretty athletic, I thought I could totally handle it. Um, no. I missed the ball multiple times, hit it crazy crooked, asked Trav what I was doing wrong, he’d give me an easy pointer, and I’d try again. It would be a crazy shot again and so started the cycle. We played 3 holes on a par three course and I broke down. I haven’t tried to play since. It was not a fun time I had. I will go ride around with Trav while he plays though. I do enjoy the sun and his company.
8. I was a swimmer in high school. All 4 years. I always smelled like chlorine, always had wet hair the first few classes of the day, and always ate breakfast on the walk to school or in my first class. I enjoyed the practices alright but dreaded every single meet we had. I hated jumping into the pool knowing I would feel like I would drown when I got done. I think I mostly hated the pressure I felt before I jumped into the pool. I imagined my butt cheek coming out of my swimsuit and not being able to fix it as I tried to sprint down the lane, with all of the spectators watching my rear and me unable to do anything about it. I’m not sure why I didn’t adjust my nightmare to me stopping and fixing the wedgie, but the immature rule follower in me couldn’t even fathom not doing what I was supposed to do. At the end of each season I would be SO happy that it was over and so proud of myself for surviving, and I knew I’d put myself through it again the next year.
9. I’ve been a part of 3 friend’s births and I am itching to be at another. I love birth and how beautiful it is. So if you ever want an outside encourager to be at your birth, let me know! I’m IN!
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“9 things you didn’t know”

  1. Avatar January 21st, 2014 at 2:03 pm Gregg Kurtz Says:

    26 lists? Wow! Perhaps there’s a 12-step program for you.

  2. Avatar January 21st, 2014 at 4:00 pm Holly Hemsoth Says:

    Hey Man! My lists keep me sane and on top of life. To be fair, I only look at probably 3 of them a day: grocery list, to do list and the meals i have planned list. The other ones are more sporadic: birthday lists, library book lists, what I need from the church resale…. SO MANY THINGS to remember!!

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