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I am a wife, mom of 3, health enthusiast, idealist and lover of the Creator of love.

I am a fighter. I fight for my marriage, my kids, my health and the health of my family. I fight for fun and adventure in our lives. And I fight for the freedom God came to bring, in me and mine, and for others.

I love reading and writing. I love swimming for fun and running for exercise. I love being pregnant and being a mom. I love Psych and Kim Walker-Smith. I love leggings and leg warmers. I love color.

I want to learn to take beautiful pictures with an amazing camera. I want to encourage and inspire others. I want to run full speed ahead after God. I want to love with abandon.

I hate snot and snot like substances. I don’t like the word jocular or bulbous. I refuse to wear regular pants since my discovery leggings and tights a few years ago.

I love food, but my digestive system feels differently than I do on some key items, mainly cheese and popcorn. So, I reserve cheese for special occasions and popcorn for when I forget how terrible I feel when it’s slowly going through my tummy. I can’t even a little bit tolerate gluten (Celiac Disease), but I’ve discovered enough gluten free alternatives that I’m totally satisfied. Unless I’m pregnant, then all I want is gluten and I spend 9 months trying to trick myself into satisfaction.

I hope my kids grow up with a confidence in who they are that is unshakable. I hope I never stop learning and growing and discovering who God made me and all that He is. I hope that my life can shine brightly in the world and energize others to do the same with their lives. I hope you leave here feeling inspired and encouraged.

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