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An update on the cutest friends ever


Awhile ago I wrote my first post about these 2 friends but a lot has happened in their little friendship since then. It HAS been almost 7 whole months. So, I thought you needed to hear more of the story.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again (and again and again so I don’t forget), there is no pressure for these sweet friends to be anything more than whatever they are. Right now, they’re best buddies, in 5 years he could be like a cousin to her, or a protective brother. However, I will be documenting their cuteness just in case. A wedding slide show starting with pictures of them together at 1 year old? Come on now.


There have just been little snippets of special friendship here and there. I’ll give a few little examples.

For Christmas the big kids got bunk beds from Grandparents. I put pictures on their walls as my piece of the gift. After nap one day I asked Monkey why a few of his pictures were down. He informed me that he was kissing them and they fell. They were 2 pictures of him and a picture of The Friend.



I’m pretty sure I didn’t purposely put her picture next to the word “love” on his wall. I can’t rule it out completely, however, I don’t remember my frame of mind in that moment. Spunky has the same picture and the same “love” on her wall too. I’m definitely not trying to use subliminal messages.

A little while after Christmas, we had a sleepover with a bunch of kids from our small group and Monkey had The Friend here. They slept in our room, her trying to hold his hand, him thinking she was playing a game and so refusing. They told stories to each other while they laid there. They soaked up their time together.


That was about a month ago, last week Monkey said, randomly, very matter of fact, at dinner, “I just really want to sleep with [The Friend] again.” He cracks me up.


Apparently, awhile back, The Friend was asking her dad about having babies and getting married. She mentioned marrying her sister and then when he explained how that wasn’t a possibility, she wanted to marry him. Again he mentioned how that couldn’t work, so she eventually thought of and landed on marrying Monkey. This story was so cute but not anywhere close to where Monkey is in his thinking. He hasn’t brought up marriage or anything remotely like that, of course he’s an internal processor so he may not chat about those sorts of things. But that night on our drive home from small group, he informed us that he wishes The Friend could live with us forever. We decided that was his equivalent of thinking about marriage.


One more quick story. The Friend often misses both Spunky and Monkey (how did I never realize they rhyme before?), and her mom thought of the kids FaceTiming each other. We set it up and my Monkey carried the iPad around from room to room for hours. The told each other stories, asked each other questions (i.e. what did you do today? what are you having for supper?) and sometimes just sit together. It’s really so sweet.


I love this friendship so much. I’m excited to see how their roles change over the years.

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