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Arizona vacation


We were only in AZ for 8 days, but it sure felt a lot longer. We really packed those 8 days full of adventure and wedding prep/celebrations. There were very few still moments.

I’m not gonna lie, traveling with 3 little ones had me really stressed out. For months before the trip. And how’d it go? Totally fine. They all did amazing. No crying, no whining “are we there yet?” And even though both the trip there and back started around bedtime, no one fell apart 3 hrs later as we got off the plane, grabbed bags and found cars.

Our adventures included: picnic and playing at Prospector Park, climbing Silly Mountain (twice), going to this Wildlife Zoo thing (I apparently never caught the name) and horseback riding. It was all so fun to watch the kids discover and play and explore. There is a great fenced in back yard at Trav’s parent’s house out there so the kids spent every other moment running and playing in the dirt.

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It was 80 every day. Blue skies. Perfect. It was so nice to wear short sleeves and run around barefoot.

My 5 slept in the same room all together. We were in bed by 9 and up at 6. We were a tired bunch but we filled our days full of sunshine and movement.

Then we got into wedding mode. Painting signs, getting wedding favor jars ready, clothes shopping, putting up lights…And then the wedding. I unfortunately didn’t get many pictures of that. My bad. I’m sure I’ll get some and then I’ll post them and show them off. Highlights: The wedding was beautiful. Layla was a flower girl. We danced and danced at the reception. I got to wear a pretty new dress. It was a great day.

And now it’s great to be home.

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