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I’ve been wrestling with Beauty lately. I’ve been on this journey for awhile where I’m learning that my beauty is not something that can change or get lost. It isn’t tied up in my weight or muscle. It isn’t in my hair or my clothing or how I make-up my face. I am beautiful because God created me that way. He thinks that I am beautiful.

So, while I’ve been learning all that, make-up got really confusing to me. ‘If I believe that I am beautiful then I don’t need to wear makeup’ is where I went with it. I have been makeup free for over a month now. And to be sure, I don’t need makeup at all to be beautiful, I truly believe that. But this blog post by a lady I adore (and don’t technically know) sent me into a weird place. I was panicking inside but didn’t know why. I had to really dive into this beauty thing and figure it out.

And what I figured out? I am beautiful. Period.

That fact doesn’t change whether I wear a burlap sack and shave my head (something I actually really want to do someday). Or whether I wear makeup and lose the rest of this thyroid weight I want to lose. I am beautiful and I can still find what feels like me. I can still cut my hair in a way that makes me feel sassy, wear makeup that fits my style and wear clothes that flatter me and those things don’t change the truth.

Nothing can change that truth.


I’m inherently beautiful and nothing can take that away or add to it.

You are inherently, absolutely beautiful and nothing can take that away from you either.

This song is about God making beautiful things. I love it and hope you will too.

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  1. Avatar February 23rd, 2014 at 11:38 pm Aunt Kris Says:

    Holly, I understand this thought process. I have had many conversations about this with girls and women over the years. I agree with you that we are beautiful because God created us in His image. Our beauty really shines the brightest when we live joyful, healthy, confident, loving lives. Sometimes we choose to wear certain clothes, get sassy haircuts, add a little color to our hair or cheeks and it feels nice, fun and feminine. I don’t think that is an affront to God’s creation as long as we keep it in perspective. Real beauty radiates from the inside and has very little to do with our appearance anyway. So let’s paint our fingernails if we feel like it and put on some earrings and mascara once in a while and celebrate being girls! Personally I think God would get a kick out of that!

  2. Avatar February 26th, 2014 at 9:45 am Holly Hemsoth Says:

    Totally agree! Good to know others are thinking and talking about this too!

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