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Big Baby-7 months


028Big Baby is 7 months old today! I can’t believe he is closer to a year than to the day he was born! How did that happen?!? But I feel like he has taken so many steps away from infancy and towards baby-hood that there’s no doubting the fact that he’s getting older.

He started sitting up this month. The week of Christmas he went from topping every 30 seconds to totally steady. But he completely hates being on is tummy so I don’t foresee movement any time soon. Which I feel completely fine with since it will be a huge adjustment for all of us when he’s crawling around eating all of the tiny toys we’ve been accumulating.

I was thinking back, and Spunky was crawling at this point and by the end of her 7th month she was taking steps on her own! I just can’t believe that! This boy is so tiny. Him walking just seems hilarious!


Big Baby started waving and clapping this past month. He was frantically waving his arms around one evening so I started clapping my hands while he studied me. Then he started clapping. Oh my goodness. SO cute! His clap is him, very intently and gently, making his hands touch. It’s excellent. He did the same learning scenario with waving. He breathes/moans out a syllable that sounds like “hi” while he does it. My little genius :)

I wonder if he’ll be a signer like Spunky was. She knew SO many signs and loved being able to communicate before her words came. Monkey was the opposite. Totally uninterested in signing until he was about 16 months or so and he wanted things that he couldn’t communicate. Basically, eat and more. The way Big Baby studies and repeats, it seems like he might want to sign more like Spunky.


He’s still just as kissy, but it’s mostly for Travis now. He grabs both of his cheeks, holds him in place and open mouth kisses him for hilarious amounts of time. Most of the time Travis can keep it together. Sometimes he loses it and can’t stop giggling while Baby, straight-faced, presses on in his long smooch. If I get a kiss it’s either brief, or turns into nursing on my lips. He definitely has a soft spot for his Papa.

Baby got his first 2 teeth this month, within a week of each other. Our nights and nap times got rough for a bit, but it has all since gone back to normal. He doesn’t always find comfort in nursing, so in the middle of the night that means bouncing or rocking. I definitely prefer the non-stop nursing to night-time bouncing. But, to each his own, and this one likes the bounce.

He is very interested in food, but only likes pureed stuff. I’ve tried a piece of squished banana and he gags. Or a tiny piece of sweet potato, more gagging. He does like the baby food pouches and holds them all on his own. He probably only eats big people food once a day, if that. Only if he is mad that he’s the only guy not eating. But, I have noticed that he is very distractable with nursing so he usually only nurses one side before he’s ready to get down and play. “Ain’t nobody got time for THAT!” He and I are both thinking that when he refuses to finish his nursing session because that means he’ll be back 45 minutes or so later for another snack. I’m still brainstorming, but I’m thinking not much can be done when there are two other hooligans running wild around the house. The boy is going to be distracted. I see no alternative.


He reaches for us when he wants picked up. It’s amazing. His right hand is always a little more anamated than his left hand. I’m calling it now: he’s a righty. He still growls and screaches and yells. He loves when we play like we’re coming to get him. LOVES the anticipation. This is such a fun age. Let’s be honest, they are all fun.


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