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Doing dishes



The other night we had over some family for dinner and after everyone left I wanted to quick fill the dishwasher and get it running before bedtime, even though it was already late. I asked Layla to help me (Trav had the very cranky teething baby).

She jumped on board enthusiastically and we set to work. While we were working we chatted. She talked about what she played with her cousin. I asked her to estimate if we could fit all the glasses on our top shelf (unschooling). I taught her my dishwasher organization techniques to maximize productivity (important life lessons!).

And towards the end, she asked if I would help her do dishes when she got older. I told her I’d love to. She told me her plan to live next door to where I live so we can visit anytime we want. That way, she said, I’ll be close by when she’s going to have her babies and I can be there with her. That way I can come over and help with her kids.

It was a beautiful, sweet moment.

There are times as a mom when I think I’m doing pretty well at loving them the way God loves us. And times when I know I’m failing miserably. She even spoke about that in our conversation. About how it feels sad when I get frustrated. But even in the good times, it’s hard to see past the “right now”. It’s hard to see Layla as an adult when I’m asking her why she just made her brother cry. But it’s in those special moments of focused chatting where I get to see that God is leading me into this amazing relationship with my kids.

In 5-10 years I won’t be following them around breaking up fights, getting them food and cleaning up 95% of their messes. They will become self-sufficient little people (eventually), and then…then our roles will change a little. I’ll always get to be their moms, but I’ll also get to be more of a friend.

I can’t wait.

And yet, I’m not ready for them to grow up either.

Arizona vacation


We were only in AZ for 8 days, but it sure felt a lot longer. We really packed those 8 days full of adventure and wedding prep/celebrations. There were very few still moments.

I’m not gonna lie, traveling with 3 little ones had me really stressed out. For months before the trip. And how’d it go? Totally fine. They all did amazing. No crying, no whining “are we there yet?” And even though both the trip there and back started around bedtime, no one fell apart 3 hrs later as we got off the plane, grabbed bags and found cars.

Our adventures included: picnic and playing at Prospector Park, climbing Silly Mountain (twice), going to this Wildlife Zoo thing (I apparently never caught the name) and horseback riding. It was all so fun to watch the kids discover and play and explore. There is a great fenced in back yard at Trav’s parent’s house out there so the kids spent every other moment running and playing in the dirt.

081 095 096 121 132 140 150 161 202 208 261


It was 80 every day. Blue skies. Perfect. It was so nice to wear short sleeves and run around barefoot.

My 5 slept in the same room all together. We were in bed by 9 and up at 6. We were a tired bunch but we filled our days full of sunshine and movement.

Then we got into wedding mode. Painting signs, getting wedding favor jars ready, clothes shopping, putting up lights…And then the wedding. I unfortunately didn’t get many pictures of that. My bad. I’m sure I’ll get some and then I’ll post them and show them off. Highlights: The wedding was beautiful. Layla was a flower girl. We danced and danced at the reception. I got to wear a pretty new dress. It was a great day.

And now it’s great to be home.

Sawyer 10 months


This has been a big month for my little guy. He went on 2 plane rides, climbed mountains in Arizona and got 4 new teeth. He is also finally on the move! Ok, one thing at a time.

We went on a 3.5 hour flight to and from Arizona for Trav’s brother’s wedding. Sawyer was the wildcard. I knew the big kids would do fine but I wasn’t sure about the baby having to be in one spot for that long. He got restless on the way there but overall did great. On the way home he was on day 2 of his 3 day fever so he slept the whole way home. I was sad for his sick little self but it made for a very smooth flight.

He got his fever on the day of Jared and Joey’s wedding and after the third day of fever it broke and his whole body broke out in a rash. I had a moment of panic. Rashes are not my forte, but after some googling I was confident it was a common childhood virus-Roseola. After a few days the rash disappeared and he started feeling like his usual, busy self.


During this month he had 4 new teeth break through! There’s not been much in the way of a full nights sleep around here. All 4 are on the top of his mouth. I’m excited for when they’re in all the way. He’s going to look SO big with 4 top teeth!


Something I’ve been meaning to write about so I don’t forget is this baby’s love for the Frozen soundtrack. After we saw the movie in December, I got 6 of the songs on our iDevices and the kids listened over and over and over. Then one night we were driving home from Indy and Sawyer was a wreck. Unhappy about the state of his existence so after exhausting every other idea I had I turned on Frozen music on a whim. And he stopped crying. Specifically he liked Let it Go. He didn’t sleep any more on the ride but he listened contently to Elsa sing her heart out about setting herself free from hiding who she was made to be (I totally get that girl).

Since then, if nursing him isn’t calming him down enough to sleep, I turn on the frozen songs and he stops his fidgeting and fussing and chills right out. I’m pretty pleased to have that tool at my disposal.

AND HE’S FINALLY ON THE MOVE! Still no crawling but he can scoot with the best of ‘em and cruise around the furniture like nobody’s business. He could walk no problem but he has no confidence in his abilities. I can stand him up 2 feet in front of me and he’ll let go and balance and flail his arms but if I ask him to take a step-he just reaches out his arms and falls into my hands. I’m curious if he’s going to get the crawling thing or go straight to walking. I think I’ll be able to let you know in a month the answer to that question.

Happy Good Friday to you all!

Why we do what we do: unschooling


So, I’ve kind of dropped the ball on my series why we do what we do and the first installation of said series. But, here I am giving you the next part. Feels pretty risky continuing to let the world know just how different we are, and I think that’s why it’s been at least a month since I’ve given you any more details into our world. But, I prefer risk over safety, so here you go world. Enjoy.

The winter before Spunky turned 3 I started thinking about schools for her. One of the ones I liked had a preschool that started at 3 and if you didn’t get in at that level, chances of getting in for kindergarten were slim. I HATED the thought of sending her away everyday. Even if it was only for a few hours, it felt like MY job that I was giving to someone else. I felt like I wanted to be a major part of her discovering her world and finding her interests.

But I had a problem. What was in my head as homeschooling was NOT what I wanted. I didn’t want to take on a new role in her life that would cause more stress and division than there needed to be. I didn’t want to have to make her learn. So, I kept searching.
A friend mentioned looking into unschooling. What?!? It sounded super sketchy and totally made up. But as I read about it, as I let my mind open to the option, the more it fit with who we are.
When Travis was a freshman in high school he tried really hard at “school”. And he got C’s and D’s. So he stopped trying. Still C’s and D’s. As a freshman in college he tried really hard again. Same thing. I’d take a leap and say he didn’t learn much those 9 years except how much he could NOT do and get away with it.
I was the opposite. School was a piece of cake. I knew how to study and how to cram and I could ace a test any day of the week. But I learned very little as well. I know shockingly little about history, geography, political…stuff and science. But I got A’s and B’s in those classes. My brain is awesome at memorizing but if I wasn’t interested or it was too much information too fast, I didn’t actually learn.

Enter unschooling. As with everything we’ve been discovering on our journey towards oddball-ville changing our perspective of education and children in general is where I needed to start. Unschooling says that kids WANT to learn. Babies want to learn how to roll, crawl, walk, talk… And kids want to learn how to tie their shoes and ride their bike and read. Somewhere in childhood learning becomes a pain in the ass because people are making us do it and grading us on how well we did it. Someone is telling us what we need to learn and we are forced to comply or get bad grades that then follow us.

If someone did that to me right now, forced me to learn, I’d be furious. I don’t care about finance or mechanics or engineering and so making me learn it would be a waste of your time and mine. It just wouldn’t happen. You may be able to motivate me to get good grades by some sort of bribery, but I wouldn’t actually remember a thing if I didn’t care.

So unschooling trusts the child to have an intrinsic desire to learn and then let’s them do it. That’s it.

Last summer, Spunky said, “I want to learn to tie my shoe.” We spent an hour on it and she had it down. A week or less after that she said, “I’d like to learn to read.” Bam. We started working on it together in a way that made sense to her. And now, she’s reading. No fights. No forcing. No stress or pressure on her part to do well to please someone. She is having so much fun learning. She wants to get out her practice book and do some with me. Today, she said she wanted to do 4 “lessons”. She wants it and so she is going for it. All on her own.

That’s unschooling. Exposing her to things she may be interested in and letting it go if she isn’t. Trusting that she will want to understand grammer so she can write cards and letters that she loves to make people. She will want to learn fractions so she can cook on her own and feel SO big. She will want to learn history because the stories are our stories and she can take them in one at a time.

Schooling this way, for us, is the natural way for her to be discovering who God made her and how he wired her to see the world. She isn’t the same as Monkey and they will explore different things and learn in different ways. Their passions will be different and so it only makes sense for their educations to be different. I love their desire to learn and I never want to squish that or turn it into a chore. 12 years out of high school and I love learning again. At my own pace, about the things that set my heart on fire. I’m so grateful to allow them to discover what sets their hearts on fire and run after that.

A few unschooling/homeschooling things I’ve enjoyed recently:

An article about how we learn

Kid hacking education

Matt Walsh on Standardized Testing- he’s super blunt, but I kind of love it

Big Baby 8 months



Big Baby is 8 months today! (And wearing 12 month clothes-so still living up to his nickname) he had become such a trooper when we have errands to run in the mornings and I’m so grateful. Seems like we have an abundance of things that need done on our to-do list and he happily (mostly) goes with the flow. Even napping in the car seat if we keep him out longer than he can handle. This is a new development for him, so I’m still trying to remind myself that I have the option to get more than one thing done in a morning.

This past month has been funny. Last month he had conquered waving, clapping and at the beginning of this month: Blowing kisses. And now, he only waves. The others dropped off the radar. Spunky was like this too. She learned to sing her ABCs and sang them multiple times one day (I even videoed it) then it was MONTHS before she did it again. I wonder why that happens. Interesting.



His main focus of baby work has been in the standing/balancing arena. He has been letting go and standing like a big man for 10-15 seconds and getting so proud. He has a toy he likes to stand beside and just play with all the toys it holds. It can double as a walked but even when he pushes it a little distance away, he just leans over to hold the handle, never really taking a step closer. He looks so uncomfortable leaning over to play, but it must not bother him too much.

He loves to sit with his legs all crazy and spread apart. It’s quite humorous, but still isn’t into the crawling/being on his belly. He mostly tries to pull himself up on things but isn’t quite strong enough nor coordinated enough to manage.


I started sitting him on the potty this month. Not to “train” him really, but just to familiarize him with it. The big kids have to potty before bath time, so Baby sits too. And 4 out of 5 times, he pees. I’ve never done it this early before so I have no basis to put this on, but I’m hoping it means he’ll potty train in his sleep. Hm, I’m not sure that saying works here, but you get my drift.


He has become an eating machine. SO mad if he doesn’t have food when everyone else does. And so far i’d say his favorites are bites of my sweet potato, avocado and banana anything. Even when I’m cooking, it’s like he knows that food is around because he wants to be eating instead of just playing while I cook.

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This face is one of my favorites right now. He does it often. You think a sound will come with it, but it’s usually just a little puff of air. So funny. I love this funny little man…4 months until he’s 1! Ahh, I cannot believe it.


Snapshot: a day


I remember, when filling out Spunky’s baby book, a section for filling out what a typical day looked like. I also remember thinking that was an odd thing to write down since we were living it. But, alas, the writers of said baby book had done their market research and a section for remembering the every day does make sense. I did fill out that section, despite being unconvinced of its importance, however I didn’t fill it out in a way that makes much sense to me now. Bummer.

These days look a whole lot different than the days when it was just Spunky and me. I sure had a lot of free time those days, little did I know. And maybe, if God blesses us with more babies, I’ll look back at these days and think the same thing.

Our day starts between 6-7am when the big kids wake up. They then spend some time distracting chatting with Trav before he leaves for work. He turns on Wild Kratts for them before he leaves and I have until 8 to either catch up on lost sleep during the night, or wake up slowly and quietly. *this may be changing as I am realizing the power of a half hour out of bed: 1 basket of laundry, worship music and tea maybe?*

We do breakfast and occasionally (I’d like it to turn more regular) read Jesus calling for kids or Jesus story book Bible. Then I usually have to get baby down for first nap. The big kids play and go about their big kid business.

When I’m done with baby we play or craft or jump into whatever project they are into. This morning we cleaned the leftover playroom toys from yesterday and played cootie. Then we made covers for our art journals.

Baby wakes up sometime in there and plays with us or just near us. There tends to be lots of short bursts of nursing. I can’t keep him focused for long, but I’m okay with that too. He also likes to be moved around. Toys in one area only interest him for 10 minutes until he’s mad and wanting new scenery.

Then lunch and nap. I put baby to sleep first, then Monkey. I try to get the big brother asleep before 1. I have to lay with him to ensure napping. I’ve never tried the put-him-in-there-every-day-and-eventually-he’ll-nap method. It might work, but with touch being his love language, that half hour of snuggling while reading a book and falling asleep is worth it. If Big Baby wakes up while I’m with Monkey, then big sister comes in and takes care of him until I can get away. We have a system and it works for us!


While I’m getting Monkey to sleep, Spunky is on her own. She sometimes plays games on the iPad, sometimes does crafts, sometimes does Legos.

Then when I come down, I’m all hers. We read Charlettes Web, do reading lessons, workbooks, puzzles, play Legos and craft. Whatever interests her that day. These days we’ve been drinking hot chocolate (almond milk and Enjoy Life Chocolate Chips warmed/melted on the stove, then made frothy in the vitamix!) while we work.


Baby wakes up, Monkey wakes up and everyone needs fed. During all this, the baby goes from jumper to walker to kitchen floor to dining room floor to living room floor. He can’t move himself but sure gets tired of being in the same place for too long. He’ll be a happy guy when he can get around!

Monkey usually takes his turn on the iPad or computer while he wakes up.

We play and do whatever until 4 when we go into cleaning mode. Dishes, if I’ve gotten behind during the day, laundry and general tidying. Not much ACTUAL dirt cleaning takes place on a day to day basis. I won’t go into those details. You may not want to visit my house if I do.


Then dinner and Baby’s last nap. It’s such a bummer that those need to happen at the same time. The big kids are starving (they say) and if I keep baby awake then last nap creeps dangerously close to night and we have to party until midnight since his nap ended at 8. I’m still working that situation out. I’ve not nailed it yet.

We do bath, teeth, jammies, stories, favorite and least favorite parts of the day and prayer. Kids are in bed by 7/7:30. I try to write a bit, read a bit and spend some quality time with baby. We’re in bed by 9/9:30 if we can. And then, we start it all over!



It’s easy for our days to feel simple and unimportant in the grand scheme of things, but even though my world feels small, these little people have a really safe and secure world and that’s what I’m going for.

*ive just recently figured out how to add a “follow” button on my blog, however it’s a bit hard to find. Waaayyyyy at the bottom under the comment box. If you want, it’ll send you an email every time I post so you don’t miss a bit of our antics over here. Also, I’m trying to figure out how to add a “subscribe” button so I could send out more health related info via email. If you can either teach me how to do that or would be interested if I figured it out, leave a comment and let me know. I was about to say, “I don’t want to spend time figuring it out if no one is interested” but that’s a lie. I’m going to figure it out regardless. Someone will want it someday :)

Big Baby-7 months


028Big Baby is 7 months old today! I can’t believe he is closer to a year than to the day he was born! How did that happen?!? But I feel like he has taken so many steps away from infancy and towards baby-hood that there’s no doubting the fact that he’s getting older.

He started sitting up this month. The week of Christmas he went from topping every 30 seconds to totally steady. But he completely hates being on is tummy so I don’t foresee movement any time soon. Which I feel completely fine with since it will be a huge adjustment for all of us when he’s crawling around eating all of the tiny toys we’ve been accumulating.

I was thinking back, and Spunky was crawling at this point and by the end of her 7th month she was taking steps on her own! I just can’t believe that! This boy is so tiny. Him walking just seems hilarious!


Big Baby started waving and clapping this past month. He was frantically waving his arms around one evening so I started clapping my hands while he studied me. Then he started clapping. Oh my goodness. SO cute! His clap is him, very intently and gently, making his hands touch. It’s excellent. He did the same learning scenario with waving. He breathes/moans out a syllable that sounds like “hi” while he does it. My little genius :)

I wonder if he’ll be a signer like Spunky was. She knew SO many signs and loved being able to communicate before her words came. Monkey was the opposite. Totally uninterested in signing until he was about 16 months or so and he wanted things that he couldn’t communicate. Basically, eat and more. The way Big Baby studies and repeats, it seems like he might want to sign more like Spunky.


He’s still just as kissy, but it’s mostly for Travis now. He grabs both of his cheeks, holds him in place and open mouth kisses him for hilarious amounts of time. Most of the time Travis can keep it together. Sometimes he loses it and can’t stop giggling while Baby, straight-faced, presses on in his long smooch. If I get a kiss it’s either brief, or turns into nursing on my lips. He definitely has a soft spot for his Papa.

Baby got his first 2 teeth this month, within a week of each other. Our nights and nap times got rough for a bit, but it has all since gone back to normal. He doesn’t always find comfort in nursing, so in the middle of the night that means bouncing or rocking. I definitely prefer the non-stop nursing to night-time bouncing. But, to each his own, and this one likes the bounce.

He is very interested in food, but only likes pureed stuff. I’ve tried a piece of squished banana and he gags. Or a tiny piece of sweet potato, more gagging. He does like the baby food pouches and holds them all on his own. He probably only eats big people food once a day, if that. Only if he is mad that he’s the only guy not eating. But, I have noticed that he is very distractable with nursing so he usually only nurses one side before he’s ready to get down and play. “Ain’t nobody got time for THAT!” He and I are both thinking that when he refuses to finish his nursing session because that means he’ll be back 45 minutes or so later for another snack. I’m still brainstorming, but I’m thinking not much can be done when there are two other hooligans running wild around the house. The boy is going to be distracted. I see no alternative.


He reaches for us when he wants picked up. It’s amazing. His right hand is always a little more anamated than his left hand. I’m calling it now: he’s a righty. He still growls and screaches and yells. He loves when we play like we’re coming to get him. LOVES the anticipation. This is such a fun age. Let’s be honest, they are all fun.


What I want to be when I grow up


I was talking to a friend who said she asks her kids what they want to be when they grow up every once and awhile and then writes down their ages and their answers. I LOVED that idea. I remember the first time I asked Monkey this question, he told me he wanted to be a fire truck. Then it changed a few months later to a shark. The one I remember for Spunky was just last spring when I was pregnant with Big Baby and we were seeing my midwife often. She wanted to be a midwife and a pilot. I wish I had the dates or at least the ages for Monkey’s ideas but I’m starting now.

366 265









I asked the kids a week ago and Monkey told me he wants to be a army guy when he grows up. I asked him if he knew any army guys and he said “yeah, remember the guys I have in the playroom?” He has the little army men like in the Toy Story movies, and he wants to be one of those when he grows up.


Spunky had a harder time answering the question this time around. She said she has so many things that she wants to do and is good at, it’s hard to pick one. She has been taking piano off and on for a few years with the goal of playing at church, and right now she’s super into crafting. She was thinking she had to pick only one thing as her job. We talked about how we could have hobbies along with our jobs and that helped her out. She said she will be a crafter for her job and play piano on Sundays.


When I think about it, I still don’t know what I want to be when I grow up. I think my ideas change just like the kid’s do. A blogger, a book writer, Spoken Word…person. For awhile I wanted to be a midwife, but it’s usually when I’m pregnant or privileged enough to be at a friend’s birth. The one constant job I’m interested in doing is being a mom. I suppose that’s good, since that is the one job I can’t really quit.

What do you and your kids want to be when you grow up? Let me know in the comments!

Big snow Adventure of 2014


We just had a giant snow. The last big snow we had (one that kept the grown ups home) was before I had any kids. We started getting so much snow that I had to go home from work early in the day and then it was cancelled for both Travis and me the next day. I don’t know that I remember correctly, but I keep thinking 8 inches. Either way, I remember being bored by the second day when we couldn’t go anywhere (remember when you had time to be bored?), so we got on all of our snow gear and walked to Travis’ parents house. It was quite the adventure and a tad longer than we thought at first (3.37 miles, I just looked it up), but I love that we are adventurous enough to set off into the somewhat-wild unknown.


And I love that we still do.

There were already at least 8 inches of snow and it was still coming down when we left our house to head over to a friend’s house Sunday evening. Our trip was a significantly shorter distance, only a half mile, but this time we were making the trek with 3 kids, one of them 6 months old. This took much more debate than the last majorly snowy walk we took, mostly unsure how the baby would do and if it would be super windy and icy cold when it was time to walk home from our friend’s house. But after looking at the hourly predictions on we decided we wanted the adventure and we’d be just fine.


It was the most beautiful walk. There was very little wind yet and so the trees were covered in snow. It was so quiet and peaceful out there. The big kids loved the sled ride, eating snow along the way, and the temperatures were great, about 30 degrees. The Baby, who had on Spunky’s old pink and fluffy full body snowsuit, panicked for a minute at the cold and snow on his face but finally let me get his face in a position where he was blocked from all wind and snow. He was in the wrap on my chest and Travis pulled the big kids behind him. The ride home was a bit of a debacle for the big kids, their feet must have gotten wet, so they were cold, but it was only a 20 minute walk and everyone survived and we all had fun.

Here are some other pictures from our Sunday snow adventure.


This was the first time this year the four of us got to go play outside in the snow. We had the monitor outside so we could hear if Baby woke up, but he slept and let us play.


This handsome fella had no face by the end of the day. We made him during Big Baby’s morning nap, early in the snow day and snow piled so high on his carrot nose that we couldn’t see him anymore.


Knocking snow out of the tree in the back.


We made snow ice cream (all the cool parents were doing it), and Big Baby had some plain snow. He thought it was pretty good. I had some snow for the first time since I don’t even know when and I was kind of grossed out. The texture is all wrong and it had a weird flavor. Isn’t it just water?


Since we were snowed in for awhile, Spunky got out her sewing kit and started learning (along with me) some basic stitches. She is so proud of these creations. I love watching her find things she loves and really press into them.



And Big Baby got his first solo bath. He was hesitant at first, as you can see, but he ended splashing like crazy and having a blast. I love this water baby.

Why we do what we do: colds, flu,ear etc.


When Spunky was 9 months old she got her first ear infection. I did what most people do, the only thing I knew to do, I took her to the doctor, got an antibiotic and her ear infection went away. Yay for medicine, right? Well, 4-6 weeks later she got another one. Then another one. Then another. In the span of 6 months, she had 4 ear infections. This medicine that I was relying on was helping, but not really taking care of the problem. She was still getting ear infections. She was still struggling to fight off the virus on her own and so it was continuously turning into an ear infection.

This 4th ear infection was a month after my world was rocked by a celiac disease diagnosis so I was open to alternative ideas. I went for a run with a new friend and mentioned some of my recently discovered health issues that I was wading through. She invited me to come learn about a new way.  I thought I was going to learn info for me that night, and in a roundabout way I did, but I walked away with hope for Spunky. My friend taught me about the ability of our bodies to fight infection. She taught me about strengthening our immune systems. And she taught me about giving our bodies the nutrients they need to do the work they were made to do. She also said that if we let our bodies fight for themselves, they get stronger. They remember and fight better the next time.
I had an appointment set for Spunky that next day. My friend gave me what I needed to boost Spunky’s immune system and help her body fight while I waited for my supplements to come in. I cancelled her appointment. I was skeptical and fearful. I was also hopeful for a new way. I called my friend multiple times in those first few days. Spunky’s ear infection cleared up in a day or two. Without any antibiotic. And she didn’t get another ear infection for 2 years.
What happens to our immune system when we use nutrients to fight?
This is the Immune System for Dummies version. I can’t handle much deeper than what I’m explaining to you, however, there are many deeper places to read about these things if you just start searching.
But, from what I have learned, when we get a virus or a bacteria in our bodies, our immune system jumps into action. Lots of cells with lots of different jobs start working together to fight the intruder. One type of cell detects the invader, one detects what kind it is, one sounds the alarm and calls others to action and one calms everyone down once the fighting is done so the fighter cells don’t get carried away and start attacking good guys. After the bug has been concurred, acquired immunity is achieved. Your immune system remembers. Not that we’ll never get a cold or ear infection again (there are many different strains of things), but each time our immune system is exposed it gets stronger and smarter and better at dealing with bad guys.
What happens to our immune system when we get sick and use antibiotics?
Antibiotics work and they usually work fast. But, when we send an antibiotic into our bodies, they wipe out everything. The good bacteria along with the bad. They make it harder for the immune system to remember. That is why Spunky kept getting ear infections. Her body was never able to figure it out on it’s own and learn to stand up to those irritating punks!
This guy has a great article about the intestinal flora (good bacteria) and how important it is for our immune systems.
What supplements do I use?
First, and most importantly, I use a brand of supplements called Shaklee. I’ll explain why in my next blog but for now just know that they are far superior to anything else I’ve found. Yes, they are pricey, but there’s a reason for that as well: they work. They’re safe. They are a research company and have proof to back up their claims. They have guarantees. Every time (at least 3 times I can think of) I’ve tried to save money and buy something from the health food shop or the natural grocery, I’ve noticed that it doesn’t work as well, if it even works at all. I keep thinking, Shaklee can’t be the ONLY company that makes quality products, but so far they keep holding their ground against any perceived competition. I say perceived because, in my mind, there is no competition when it comes to supplement brands, but like I said, I’ll tell you more on that later.
I use a lot of different things for different ailments, but since I was talking about ear infections before, I’ll just elaborate on that one for now. When I started treating Spunky’s ear infections I used garlic, Nutriferon (something I can explain at a later date), vitamin C, and an echinecia blend all crushed in a liquid vitamin. And I did that twice a day. I was pulling out all the stops that first time. Spunky was also taking a multi-vitamin (Incredivites) that I knew would help strengthen her immune system. I don’t do all of those things every time anymore, I’ve learned I can get away with less. Now that I’ve learned more and their body’s immune systems are pretty strong. However, if I did continue to do all those things, they’d probably get better faster.
Am I totally against antibiotics?
No. I am thankful for them and know they have a time and a place where they are SO necessary. A week after I had Monkey, I got Mastitis (a breast infection), I had no idea that is was happening since nursing is painful in the beginning anyways. I got super sick before I caught it and couldn’t fight it myself. In that instance, I was so thankful for antibiotics. But since then, I have had at least 5 bouts of Mastitis that I’ve kicked on my own using my normal regimen.
I also think that we, as a society, have learned to jump to antibiotics really quickly instead of trusting our bodies to be tough enough to fight. We have learned a lot of fear about illness that isn’t necessary. And since my family has been doing things differently, we have been healthier. Less sick, and when we do get sick, our bodies know what to do and do it efficiently.
Since Spunky’s last round of antibiotics at 15 months, none of my kids have needed an antibiotic. No one in our house has, other than my time of mastitis. We’ve had sinus infections, respiratory infections, ear infections, pink eye, croup, colds, flu, mastitis and I’m sure other things that weren’t diagnosed. I’m glad to know that antibiotics are there if all else fails, but am also so glad to have other options at my disposal, and on hand for whenever something strikes.
*Just so there’s no confusion (since my detailed explanation of the immune system was so in depth and scientific) I am no doctor. I am a mama who learned bits along the way and has discovered a new way to treat her kids that has improved their health. I am still learning and growing and discovering and researching. But I’m hoping that my experience can help others out there who may be in a similar situation as I was in. Let me know if there is any questions I can answer or find answers to. I’d love to help if I can.
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