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Christmas season reminders


When I was growing up, the countdown to Christmas was one of my favorite times of year. I LOVED the anticipation of gifts, tradition, family and parties. I loved driving around looking at the lights. It was ALL so fun.

Now that I’m a mama, my role has shifted. Now I get to facilitate all of the fun, help create traditions and watch my kids delight in this season. But, I am paving the way a bit and am not quite sure what I’m doing. When we were growing up, none of us knew God yet so Christmas wasn’t about Him or His son. I’m trying to figure out what it looks like, what I want it to shift our focus to Him. 
This is what we’re trying this year to remind us the reason for the season. 
25 Christmas books from the library wrapped under the tree. Some will be light and silly fiction, some will be more meaningful fiction and some will be the story of Jesus’ birth. The kids will get to open one every day for us to read together. It will point us back to Jesus (most days) and serve as a fun count down complete with “present” opening. 

Advent wreath/calendar. This is intimidating to me, but I figure I’ll never know what I’m doing if I don’t just jump in. So, I’m jumping. I ordered an advent plan thing and we went out a bought a wreath to make. I didn’t know what I was looking for, super involved, more laid back and open, so I just got one and I’ll see what I think as we get going. 

There are daily readings for us to do together to keep pointing us back to the Reason. And lighting candles is always fun so our wreath has those as well. I’ll have to let you know what we think after we get going. 
Countdown calendar. We did this when I was little and it was my favorite thing. I looked forward to moving the mouse every time it was my turn. I figure it also teaches numbers, counting backwards and animosity between siblings when everyone wants it to be their turn :)
Christmas Jar. All year long we’ve been saving our coins and putting them in a jar. The plan is to use that money to help/bless someone this Christmas season. I’m just hoping we have have enough to do something with since we hardly ever use cash so we hardly ever get coins. I’m excited about this new tradition that will help them get in the mindset of giving and blessing, not only getting. 
That’s all we have this year. What things does your family do this time of year?
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