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Doing dishes



The other night we had over some family for dinner and after everyone left I wanted to quick fill the dishwasher and get it running before bedtime, even though it was already late. I asked Layla to help me (Trav had the very cranky teething baby).

She jumped on board enthusiastically and we set to work. While we were working we chatted. She talked about what she played with her cousin. I asked her to estimate if we could fit all the glasses on our top shelf (unschooling). I taught her my dishwasher organization techniques to maximize productivity (important life lessons!).

And towards the end, she asked if I would help her do dishes when she got older. I told her I’d love to. She told me her plan to live next door to where I live so we can visit anytime we want. That way, she said, I’ll be close by when she’s going to have her babies and I can be there with her. That way I can come over and help with her kids.

It was a beautiful, sweet moment.

There are times as a mom when I think I’m doing pretty well at loving them the way God loves us. And times when I know I’m failing miserably. She even spoke about that in our conversation. About how it feels sad when I get frustrated. But even in the good times, it’s hard to see past the “right now”. It’s hard to see Layla as an adult when I’m asking her why she just made her brother cry. But it’s in those special moments of focused chatting where I get to see that God is leading me into this amazing relationship with my kids.

In 5-10 years I won’t be following them around breaking up fights, getting them food and cleaning up 95% of their messes. They will become self-sufficient little people (eventually), and then…then our roles will change a little. I’ll always get to be their moms, but I’ll also get to be more of a friend.

I can’t wait.

And yet, I’m not ready for them to grow up either.

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“Doing dishes”

  1. Avatar April 22nd, 2014 at 10:08 pm Gregg Kurtz Says:

    Great stuff, Holly! What a beautiful relationship!!

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