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Dry Skin: need to know


I have a series I’m working on (pretty excited) that includes a lot of our health practices over here at the Hemsoth house, but I couldn’t wait on this bit of information.

A few weeks ago, Monkey started getting dry skin. He usually does in the winter and a little coconut oil helps him get through this dry season. This time, however, the coconut oil wasn’t doing the trick and he was itching to the point of scabs on his shins and sides. Being that it was only the end of November, I knew we needed to look into something to ease his suffering. The itching was keeping him up at night and taking him close to tears at his frustration of it.

I’ve learned over the years (more details to come in my series), that a lot of health issues begin on the inside of us. So, I asked my most knowledgeable friend what nutrient my Monkey could be lacking. She first asked about possible food allergy, if it was a rash or hives, but we came to it probably just being a dry skin issue. She told me Vitamin C and E are good for that. I figured out what I needed to order from Shaklee (more info on this, my most favorite company, in my series as well), and planned to order it but I needed something right away since I knew it would take some time to make a difference in his body (so I thought). I remembered a soft gel I’m taking from Shaklee called GLA, amazing for balancing a woman out hormonally, but also contains vitamin E. And there are no hormones in it, the nutrients are just some that women can lack and when we fill in the gaps it stabilizes us. ANYhow, I gave one to Monkey, he popped it open with his teeth (his favorite) and that night, the itching was SIGNIFICANTLY better. And now, 5 days later, he isn’t itching AT ALL! WHAT!?!? His skin is no longer dry. It feels totally normal!

I have seen filling in missing nutrients make substantial differences in me and my kids in the past, but I’m still always so excited when I see it in a new way. 5 years ago, I NEVER would have thought about giving Monkey a vitamin to help him with a skin issue. It seems illogical, at first, that some cream wouldn’t be the only answer. But when I stop and think about it, of course our skin is a reflection of our body on the inside. The inside is what makes the outside! And if you’ve ever looked at those creepy before and after pictures of heroin addicts, you know that what we put in reflects what we see out.

So, before you run to the dermatologist to get expensive creams that may only cover up a lacking nutrient in you or your child, think about, talk to me about, what options you have to try and do it on your own. I’d love to give you any info I have or point you to someone smarter than me.

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