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I have been away from my blog for too long. I miss it. I miss the creative outlet I have. My right brain starts to shut down when I don’t use it. Come on Right Brain! I need YOU too! When I’m writing regularly I see topics for blogs everywhere. I see opportunities for pictures that would then make great blogs. Or just pictures that would make great pictures (not that I am awesome at capturing anything super artistic-but is definitely fills me up). Now, I only see lists and tasks and how to squeeze every last ounce of time out of my day to get those tasks done.


I’m so over tasks.

However, my life right now is kind of ruled by tasks, and so my goal is to figure out a balance. It seems impossible.

Even the things that could be fun, or should be fun, become tasks because I have a time limit to get them done. Or i have to squeeze them in: hurry and write that fun blog, hurry and make that beautiful flower for Layla’s birthday, hurry and finish that art project before….

baby wakes up

it’s time to cook lunch/dinner

it’s time to eat lunch/dinner

it’s time to clean up after lunch/dinner

it’s time to take boys to nap

it’s time to clean up the house for the evening

it’s time to plan meals/grocery shop

it’s time to do laundry

it’s time to leave for various fun activities

it’s time to be a mediator between children


You get the idea. So, I’m not sure how to get back at it and let it be a FUN thing. I have enough tasks in my life, I don’t want to add be creative to my list.

But maybe I’m looking at it wrong. Maybe it’s okay for this season of my life to schedule in creative time. Maybe it’s not only okay, it’s important. Because if I don’t plan for it, the tasks will overwhelm me and drive me crazy. ¬†Even as I’m writing this I’m sighing big sighs of release. The words in me are dying to get out, but I shove them down because they get in my way. The creative in me needs to see the world with beauty in it, not just jobs to get done. And I find beauty when I let my right brain go. When I stop to take a picture of a flower or my food or me and my babies. I don’t necessarily have time to do elaborate pictures or think real hard about what I’m capturing, but even capturing anything helps fill that longing in me.


May we, as Moms, as women, as people, find ways to add creativity to our lives. Our brains may need it more than we know.

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