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I’ve noticed something over the past few years. Whenever I finish a really good book series, I have to wait awhile before I can start a new one. I didn’t understand this phenomena at first but have recently figured it out.

I just finished reading the Vampire Academy series. [Don’t judge. They were pretty awesome.] Anyhow, that was a 6 book series! Every time I had to go sit upstairs and nurse Baby to sleep, Rose was there. Every time I had to go rock Baby at 2am for 2 hours, Rose was waiting for me.

For 6 whole books!!

And now she’s gone.

The reason I can’t just pick up another book series to get into? I just lost a group of friends and adventurers forever. I’m mourning.

And so the reason I have space to write this blog right now while I’m nursing is because I have no Rose and Dimitri to run to. I have no crazy magic good vampires to make my world feel a little bigger than these 4 walls.

Someday, I get to go on my own adventures and be the master of my universe (totally surrendered to God and wherever he leads of course), but these days I don’t really get to go on massive adventures. And sometimes it’s fun to pretend.

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