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Making Christmas


When I was little, Christmas happened all around me. It was a time when everything was so exciting and beautiful and carefree. Everything seemed magical. Every year.

I’ve been trying to figure out lately why it doesn’t feel that way now as an adult. Even after I learned the truth about Santa, Christmas still felt like this amazing time of surprises and lights and special activities. So what changed? Why does it just feel like a busy time, still special in its own way, but different?
And what I’ve decided is, it’s because now I’m making Christmas. I’m in charge of buying/wrapping gifts and even coordinating their shopping/wrapping times. I’m in charge of decorating and making our home feel like Christmas. I’m in charge of coming up with and implementing special crafts associated with Christmas. It’s on me to organize and schedule any Christmas activities and light sight seeing trips around the neighborhoods. It’s even up to me to make known the real reason for the season.


We make Christmas happen for these little ones at our house. Just like my mom and dad did for me. So no, Christmas isn’t happening to me as much these days, it’s happening through me. And that’s okay.
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