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I realized this morning how thankful I am for the slowness of our days. There are days where we have to go go go in the morning, but those are much more rare.

This year, Layla would have been in full day kindergarten. Our mornings would be more scheduled, more rushed and much more stressful for a mama of 3. My stress in the morning was not what made us decide to school the way we do, but man am I’m glad for the added benefit.
This morning I woke up at 7:30 to a tiny man poking me in the cheek with his thumb. As soon as he saw my eyes, a smile lit up his whole face. 10 minutes later, Spunky came over to join us, and Big Baby started exploring her face as well. 5 minutes after that, the final piece to our stay-at-home puzzle joined in the cuddling, face-poking start to our day.

We giggled, chatted and enjoyed each other’s company. We had time to love on each other and prepare our hearts for the coming day. 

This perfect picture of a morning certainly isn’t how it always goes. In fact, 7:30 is sleeping in for the older 2, who usually come in and wake me and the baby up after their Papa leaves, fighting about who’s turn it is on the iPad. But despite the rough mornings, I am thankful for the space that allows the sweet ones.

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