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my first hater


I’m sure there will be many many more along my journey, but I read my first “you suck” comment recently. I knew it was coming. If you’re around the blog world or really any social media, you notice people have a lot more boldness than I think they would face to face. Anyhow, to this persons credit, they didn’t post it straight to my blog or even on my blog Facebook page, but instead a friend of mine shared my link and they commented there. It still stung. I still had to emotionally regroup, but after some time thinking, I’d like to say something to my hater. Thank you.


Their questioning of me and my beliefs on health caused me to ask some hard questions of myself as well. Is it all true? Is it true that I’m simply getting “expensive urine” by using the supplements I use or that those ailments I talked about would’ve cleared up on their own without help? Is it true that I am not really helping our immune systems because if I were we wouldn’t get sick at all? Am I just plain wrong? And am I leading people astray with all my wrong-ness? Am I just sharing with people to make a sale, to use them?


And what I came to is no. No to all of it. Over and over and over again, no. I’ve seen things turn around as we’ve started supplements. I saw Monkey’s dry, rough, totally itchy skin disappear over the course of a few days after starting him on supplements. I’ve had allergic reaction itchy hands and scalp to the point of fearing injuring my skin until I took my Shaklee. I’ve seen a rash covering Spunky’s body go away 30 minutes after giving her specific supplements. I’ve had my painful PMS diminish as I’ve provided my body what it needs. I’ve had multiple people tell me how much better their joints feel when they take Shaklee’s glucosamine product versus other brands. I have so many more stories that prove to me, scientific study or not, that they work and are WELL worth it for my family. (PS Shaklee has a Landmark Study¬†done by a 3rd party that proves they are beneficial).


And yes, I’m going to share my experiences with people I love so they at least know that other options are out there. And yes, if sharing something that has changed my life could also make me some income to supplement my husband’s hard work, then yes, I’ll be doing that too and feel no shame. So asking those questions only strengthened my belief in all I do and stand for. And I am thankful.


I felt better after all of that pondering, but there was still a nagging in my heart. Next, I had to wrestle with how people see me. This person thought pretty hard core negative things about me. And they thought them when I was simply sharing my heart and my experiences. I had to ask more questions. Ok, so what if they do think that about me? What if 1000 people think those things? Then what?


And what I so peacefully and gratefully was led to? Then nothing changes. I’m still God’s. He’s still mine. I’m still complete and whole in him. He is still a heartbeat away, whispering to my soul, leading my life, filling in all of my gaps. He still looks at me the way I look at my kids: with delight and pride and hope for all he sees and all he knows I’ll become. No one can convince him to let me go. No one can convince him that I’m not worth it. No one can decide what “worth it” is, except him. And he decided it when he imagined me and proved it when he sent his Son to die for me. I am unshakable because I am standing on the Rock.¬†

Oh friends, may we all have things in our lives that give us the chance to run back to Him and make us realize how unshakable we are when he is our only foundation.

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