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Cal Mag Plus and Joint Health Complex


Within the past 2 weeks I’ve had some friends try out a new supplement and have amazing results really quickly. I thought I’d let you know a few of the conversations I’ve had.

My mom got a YMCA membership in October/November and started going there every Tuesday and Thursday evening for one of the classes they offer. She was loving the class and how hard they were working her and strong she was feeling, but her hips especially were starting to bother her. She has been using Shaklee products for a few years but had never tried our glucosamine product (Joint Health Complex). She decided to give it a try, and before her first week was up, she was texting me and telling me how amazing she is feeling. She said, “Love the Shaklee Joint Health! My hips don’t hurt. It even makes my back feel better. Like an inside lube job…lol”


Well, she’s actually right. Shaklee’s Joint Health Complex (from the Shaklee website):

  1. Improves cushioning. Glucosamine helps maintain cartilage, the protective cushioning between joints that allows them to move more freely*
  2. Maintains healthy connective tissue. Zinc, copper, manganese, and vitamin C help build collagen and other important components of connective tissue that give strength and structure to joints*
  3. Increases joint comfort. Boswellia extract works fast to blunt the body’s stress response mechanism to improve joint comfort*

All of those things probably would feel exactly like a lube job.

Another friend who is in her 3rd trimester of pregnancy has been struggling with acid reflux. It is the worst, she said, when it wakes her up in the middle of the night. So uncomfortable and sometimes it’s even painful. I know, I had it too this 3rd pregnancy. What I did and suggested to my friend was Shaklee’s Chewable Cal-Mag Plus. I like to give this to my kiddos to make sure they are getting their calcium, but I have learned that it is also amazing at neutralizing acid reflux. I mentioned this to my friend, who tried a few I gave her and she bought a bottle a few days later.


It’s so great to be a part of a company that can make a noticeable difference in health and quality of life. I also love that I know that I know that I know it is so safe. There are things (drugs, over the counter or perscription) that could probably make her feel better, but what could it be doing in the long term to her body. Or what side effects might there be?

As always, I think that these supplements have had the affect they’ve had because of the company they’re from. If you aren’t familiar with Shaklee, or are curious why they are so much better in my mind than others, read this. And feel free to contact me ( if you have any questions.


**I am not a doctor, just a mama who has found some things that are working wonders for her family and friends. I’d love to help it work for you too!

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Panic in the quiet


Sometimes in the rare hour that I’m alone, I mean completely alone-everyone sleeping or gone or a combination of those, I panic. My mind races with the ten thousand things I could do with this rare time. Be productive? Nap? Read? Write? Exercise? A little of each just crammed into a short time frame?

And sometimes the shear volume of possibilities and the fact that these moments are so rare paralyzes me. I freeze. The pressure of maximizing every last drop of this sweet precious time consumes me and I can’t do any of them. I feel all jittery inside and I can’t find my way out. One time I called my mom and she distracted me from the stress (stress of freedom?) enough that I could just do something while we chatted and then the pressure was gone for the rest of my time.

Well, I had a totally surprising piece of that time just the other day. The day somehow worked out where ALL of the kids were napping at the same time. Usually Spunky doesn’t nap, but this was a day she needed it and she fell asleep with no problems. I found myself with an undetermined amount of time TOTALLY ALONE!

I didn’t panic about the options this time. I knew what I wanted to do: write.  But, I also had to get the chicken in the crockpot for dinner, switch laundry, and I made some hot chocolate to drink while I typed away. I was working like crazy trying to get those things done before the baby woke up (he was the first asleep by a half hour), when I realized something. I was frantically trying to make things perfect so I could relax and enjoy my alone time. But I already WAS alone. I took a deep breath and decided to enjoy the moments getting a few things done in the quiet.

I got them done, sat down at the computer and Big Baby woke up. I was so grateful for a different perspective while I was getting a few things done so that I would not stumble over the lost time but instead be grateful for the 15 minutes I did have. I’m hopeful to be able to respond the same way in the future.


What do you do with YOUR precious alone time? How do you handle unmet expectations with it?

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An update on the cutest friends ever


Awhile ago I wrote my first post about these 2 friends but a lot has happened in their little friendship since then. It HAS been almost 7 whole months. So, I thought you needed to hear more of the story.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again (and again and again so I don’t forget), there is no pressure for these sweet friends to be anything more than whatever they are. Right now, they’re best buddies, in 5 years he could be like a cousin to her, or a protective brother. However, I will be documenting their cuteness just in case. A wedding slide show starting with pictures of them together at 1 year old? Come on now.


There have just been little snippets of special friendship here and there. I’ll give a few little examples.

For Christmas the big kids got bunk beds from Grandparents. I put pictures on their walls as my piece of the gift. After nap one day I asked Monkey why a few of his pictures were down. He informed me that he was kissing them and they fell. They were 2 pictures of him and a picture of The Friend.



I’m pretty sure I didn’t purposely put her picture next to the word “love” on his wall. I can’t rule it out completely, however, I don’t remember my frame of mind in that moment. Spunky has the same picture and the same “love” on her wall too. I’m definitely not trying to use subliminal messages.

A little while after Christmas, we had a sleepover with a bunch of kids from our small group and Monkey had The Friend here. They slept in our room, her trying to hold his hand, him thinking she was playing a game and so refusing. They told stories to each other while they laid there. They soaked up their time together.


That was about a month ago, last week Monkey said, randomly, very matter of fact, at dinner, “I just really want to sleep with [The Friend] again.” He cracks me up.


Apparently, awhile back, The Friend was asking her dad about having babies and getting married. She mentioned marrying her sister and then when he explained how that wasn’t a possibility, she wanted to marry him. Again he mentioned how that couldn’t work, so she eventually thought of and landed on marrying Monkey. This story was so cute but not anywhere close to where Monkey is in his thinking. He hasn’t brought up marriage or anything remotely like that, of course he’s an internal processor so he may not chat about those sorts of things. But that night on our drive home from small group, he informed us that he wishes The Friend could live with us forever. We decided that was his equivalent of thinking about marriage.


One more quick story. The Friend often misses both Spunky and Monkey (how did I never realize they rhyme before?), and her mom thought of the kids FaceTiming each other. We set it up and my Monkey carried the iPad around from room to room for hours. The told each other stories, asked each other questions (i.e. what did you do today? what are you having for supper?) and sometimes just sit together. It’s really so sweet.


I love this friendship so much. I’m excited to see how their roles change over the years.

When you grow up…


You know that thing parents say sometimes when they’re angry? “I hope you have a daughter just like you when you grow up!!” When they say it, they aren’t looking to be kind and loving, as if they are truly blessed by you and want you to have the same blessing, rather, they are frustrated, exasperated and unfortunately, hoping you experience the same hell they’re feeling as a sort of revenge.

Well, I’m here to change the curse into a blessing.

Moms and Dads, I hope you all have kids just like you. Kids that help you understand yourself and how you are innately wired. Kids that make you realize the amount of grace you have for them, is the same amount you should have for yourself.

I hope you have kids just like you so you can speak directly to their fears and broken places. Those places you wish someone knew how to lovingly come alongside you and speak love/courage/hope/faith right when you most need it. And as you whisper those words to their growing hearts, I hope you hear those words being whispered right back to you.

This is my mini-me, through and through

This is my mini-me, through and through

I hope seeing how similar you are gives you a confidence about things you once deemed “ugly” “imperfect” or “not enough”. These legs that I was given, I’ve always thought of as too fat, chubby and ugly. They never looked like a lot of my friends legs. People always said I had strong legs. I assumed that was code for “those are some chubby legs! There must be some muscle in there somewhere!” And now that I have Spunky and have seen her little legs next to her friends? She really does have STRONG legs. She has muscle that not all the girls do. People saw in me what I see in her. And I’m learning to see myself clearly because of her. I hope that for you too.

As you speak into your child’s life, that child who sins the same as you, I hope you are able to hear your own wise advice, your own grace filled words. I hope you are able to connect those tendencies and learn right alongside your child how to respond differently.

I hope their questions to you make you find answers for yourself. As they seek to understand their world, I hope you understand yours better too, because you’ve asked the same questions yourself.

And I hope that they challenge you in ways that only they can. I hope they send you running to your Father to lean more on him for each moment. I hope they teach you what forgiveness looks like. Because you will hurt them, as similar personalities rub against each other, and when you ask a child for forgiveness, they give it so freely.

I hope they give you a lifelong friend to enjoy shared hobbies and pastimes with. Someone who loves puzzles or movies or hiking or golfing just as much as you do, someone you can swim in the cold water with when everyone else thinks you’re both crazy.

And I hope you have a child that helps you understand what your parents may have felt when they were doing the best they knew how. That you could then give them the grace you need at how hard this whole parenting thing is.

May you be blessed with a child who is just like you.

Big Baby 8 months



Big Baby is 8 months today! (And wearing 12 month clothes-so still living up to his nickname) he had become such a trooper when we have errands to run in the mornings and I’m so grateful. Seems like we have an abundance of things that need done on our to-do list and he happily (mostly) goes with the flow. Even napping in the car seat if we keep him out longer than he can handle. This is a new development for him, so I’m still trying to remind myself that I have the option to get more than one thing done in a morning.

This past month has been funny. Last month he had conquered waving, clapping and at the beginning of this month: Blowing kisses. And now, he only waves. The others dropped off the radar. Spunky was like this too. She learned to sing her ABCs and sang them multiple times one day (I even videoed it) then it was MONTHS before she did it again. I wonder why that happens. Interesting.



His main focus of baby work has been in the standing/balancing arena. He has been letting go and standing like a big man for 10-15 seconds and getting so proud. He has a toy he likes to stand beside and just play with all the toys it holds. It can double as a walked but even when he pushes it a little distance away, he just leans over to hold the handle, never really taking a step closer. He looks so uncomfortable leaning over to play, but it must not bother him too much.

He loves to sit with his legs all crazy and spread apart. It’s quite humorous, but still isn’t into the crawling/being on his belly. He mostly tries to pull himself up on things but isn’t quite strong enough nor coordinated enough to manage.


I started sitting him on the potty this month. Not to “train” him really, but just to familiarize him with it. The big kids have to potty before bath time, so Baby sits too. And 4 out of 5 times, he pees. I’ve never done it this early before so I have no basis to put this on, but I’m hoping it means he’ll potty train in his sleep. Hm, I’m not sure that saying works here, but you get my drift.


He has become an eating machine. SO mad if he doesn’t have food when everyone else does. And so far i’d say his favorites are bites of my sweet potato, avocado and banana anything. Even when I’m cooking, it’s like he knows that food is around because he wants to be eating instead of just playing while I cook.

077 065 081


This face is one of my favorites right now. He does it often. You think a sound will come with it, but it’s usually just a little puff of air. So funny. I love this funny little man…4 months until he’s 1! Ahh, I cannot believe it.




These days it’s easy to feel swallowed up by the busyness and constant of 3 little ones. It’s easy to feel like I’m drowning in household maintenance and teaching little people how to be humans. I earn no awards, no recognition, no promotions or raises. My world is very small.In the constant taking care of others, I realize that sometimes I feel forgotten.

I’m guessing there are days you feel it too. Well my friends, we are not forgotten. There is Someone who sees. And until we can ultimately rest in that truth, let me tell you what I see.

I see you.

I see you bouncing that tired stubborn babe until your legs are tired and sore from bouncing. I see you rocking in that chair until your backside places are numb. I see you getting up for countless late night feedings and bad dream fighting and fixing the covers so they’re just right.


I see you taking temperatures, holding back hair and making special beds on couches for the child who has the flu. I see you giving extra cuddles, lots of forehead kisses and those tried and true remedies to provide comfort until the bug passes. I see you continuing to provide that comfort even when you have the exact same bug.

I see you doing your best to keep it together at times when the tantrums start, the naps battles are extreme and the reasoning is out the window. I see you with eyes closed and big sighs at the library when all you wanted was a fun trip for the kids and they knock over shelves of books, pee on the floor and run away multiple times.

I see you preparing meal after meal, grocery shopping week after week, and washing pot after pot, dish after dish. I see you doing load after dirty load, sweeping, vacuuming, and toilet bowl cleaning. I see you tidying, organizing and putting away time and time again.

I see you reading books you know by heart, watching movies you no longer need to see to know what’s happening and listening to music that haunts your dreams. And continuing to say yes to these things because of the joy it brings your little people.

I see you setting aside your wants, your preference, your rights for those little charges you’ve been given. I see you hide in the closet with your bowl of ice cream for just a few minutes of something special for you when you’ve been setting aside preferences all day.

I see you having conversation after conversation about being kind and sharing and honesty and using your words over and over again with perseverance and hope that something will stick one of these times.

I see you striving to be the parent you want to be. I see you falling short and losing heart in those harsh words, that rash decision, that way you wish you didn’t react. And then I see you pick yourself up and try again because you want to love them SO well. I see you not settling and fighting for more in you for your family.

I see you. And I’m proud to say, I’m right there with you.




How did I not know how much fun legos are? I’ve always loved puzzles and putting furniture together when we get something new, but I never knew about legos. When we were growing up, my brother always played with them, but it wasn’t something I ever got into. Well, now I think they’re pretty great and Spunky does too.

She got a log cabin lego kit for Christmas and she has been serious about getting them done


079 080


Aside from the tiny pieces that tend to end up everywhere and the choking hazard that said pieces pose to my baby, legos are a great toy.  Seeley is even getting into them since he realized he doesn’t have to follow the directions. He’s my outside the box kid. I don’t get him, but I’m glad for him in my life challenging my one way thinking.

I’m excited to see how her lego collection changes over the years and all she discovers she can do with little pieces that fit together to make something big.

Almost lost my oldest 2



This past week, Spunky got in her head that she was going to walk to one of her friend’s house. Just her and her 3 year old brother. I thought they were playing a game at first, packing their bags, planning strategy, but when they started getting shoes and coats on I asked a question I didn’t think I’d need to ask, “You know you can’t for REAL go to Ari’s house, right?” Turns out, they were not aware of it. Spunky was planning on making Monkey push the pedals while she steered the van. She gave in to the fact that they couldn’t really pull it off and then played pretend “going to Ari’s house” for a few days after that.


They played outside on Tuesday and then again on Wednesday. While they were outside in the front yard on Wednesday, sledding down the hill, I continuously peeked out at them while going about my business. I looked out one time to see them doing whatever it is they were doing, then sat down on the couch by the big windows overlooking the front yard. A few minutes later I peeked out again and didn’t see them. No problem, they like to go to the backyard and slide down the snow-covered slide. I checked back there and they weren’t there either. So I went back to the front with a tad more purpose to my step and went out onto the porch. I saw them crossing onto the next block of our street. AHHHHH!!!!

When I got them back, I found out that indeed they were going to Ari’s house. If they couldn’t drive there, then obviously they could just walk. WOW. I was scared, angry, scared, frustrated and scared. They knew our rule about where their boundaries are, and Spunky chose to go her own way and take the Monkey along with her. Of course there were some consequences based on her decision and we had LOTS of conversations about why that isn’t a good idea and what would happen if I couldn’t find her, but something a friend said has stuck with me.

I called this friend whose parenting I trust so much and told her I just needed to talk because the frustration I had over that incident was not making me a very good Mama at the moment. I shared my story and she was amazed at Spunky’s confidence. “How cool that she feels like she can do that all on her own!” Um, yeah… I guess. I was able to see that, eventually. And once I did, I agreed. Yes, it’s not a good idea for her little 5.5 year old self to take off on her own to walk to a friends house, crossing 2 pretty busy streets, taking along her flighty little brother (I feel my blood pressure rising just writing that sentence out), but how amazing that she has so much confidence in her abilities.

I am excited to see what she will be able to do with confidence like that. Within age appropriate boundaries and my full knowledge of course.

Snapshot: a day


I remember, when filling out Spunky’s baby book, a section for filling out what a typical day looked like. I also remember thinking that was an odd thing to write down since we were living it. But, alas, the writers of said baby book had done their market research and a section for remembering the every day does make sense. I did fill out that section, despite being unconvinced of its importance, however I didn’t fill it out in a way that makes much sense to me now. Bummer.

These days look a whole lot different than the days when it was just Spunky and me. I sure had a lot of free time those days, little did I know. And maybe, if God blesses us with more babies, I’ll look back at these days and think the same thing.

Our day starts between 6-7am when the big kids wake up. They then spend some time distracting chatting with Trav before he leaves for work. He turns on Wild Kratts for them before he leaves and I have until 8 to either catch up on lost sleep during the night, or wake up slowly and quietly. *this may be changing as I am realizing the power of a half hour out of bed: 1 basket of laundry, worship music and tea maybe?*

We do breakfast and occasionally (I’d like it to turn more regular) read Jesus calling for kids or Jesus story book Bible. Then I usually have to get baby down for first nap. The big kids play and go about their big kid business.

When I’m done with baby we play or craft or jump into whatever project they are into. This morning we cleaned the leftover playroom toys from yesterday and played cootie. Then we made covers for our art journals.

Baby wakes up sometime in there and plays with us or just near us. There tends to be lots of short bursts of nursing. I can’t keep him focused for long, but I’m okay with that too. He also likes to be moved around. Toys in one area only interest him for 10 minutes until he’s mad and wanting new scenery.

Then lunch and nap. I put baby to sleep first, then Monkey. I try to get the big brother asleep before 1. I have to lay with him to ensure napping. I’ve never tried the put-him-in-there-every-day-and-eventually-he’ll-nap method. It might work, but with touch being his love language, that half hour of snuggling while reading a book and falling asleep is worth it. If Big Baby wakes up while I’m with Monkey, then big sister comes in and takes care of him until I can get away. We have a system and it works for us!


While I’m getting Monkey to sleep, Spunky is on her own. She sometimes plays games on the iPad, sometimes does crafts, sometimes does Legos.

Then when I come down, I’m all hers. We read Charlettes Web, do reading lessons, workbooks, puzzles, play Legos and craft. Whatever interests her that day. These days we’ve been drinking hot chocolate (almond milk and Enjoy Life Chocolate Chips warmed/melted on the stove, then made frothy in the vitamix!) while we work.


Baby wakes up, Monkey wakes up and everyone needs fed. During all this, the baby goes from jumper to walker to kitchen floor to dining room floor to living room floor. He can’t move himself but sure gets tired of being in the same place for too long. He’ll be a happy guy when he can get around!

Monkey usually takes his turn on the iPad or computer while he wakes up.

We play and do whatever until 4 when we go into cleaning mode. Dishes, if I’ve gotten behind during the day, laundry and general tidying. Not much ACTUAL dirt cleaning takes place on a day to day basis. I won’t go into those details. You may not want to visit my house if I do.


Then dinner and Baby’s last nap. It’s such a bummer that those need to happen at the same time. The big kids are starving (they say) and if I keep baby awake then last nap creeps dangerously close to night and we have to party until midnight since his nap ended at 8. I’m still working that situation out. I’ve not nailed it yet.

We do bath, teeth, jammies, stories, favorite and least favorite parts of the day and prayer. Kids are in bed by 7/7:30. I try to write a bit, read a bit and spend some quality time with baby. We’re in bed by 9/9:30 if we can. And then, we start it all over!



It’s easy for our days to feel simple and unimportant in the grand scheme of things, but even though my world feels small, these little people have a really safe and secure world and that’s what I’m going for.

*ive just recently figured out how to add a “follow” button on my blog, however it’s a bit hard to find. Waaayyyyy at the bottom under the comment box. If you want, it’ll send you an email every time I post so you don’t miss a bit of our antics over here. Also, I’m trying to figure out how to add a “subscribe” button so I could send out more health related info via email. If you can either teach me how to do that or would be interested if I figured it out, leave a comment and let me know. I was about to say, “I don’t want to spend time figuring it out if no one is interested” but that’s a lie. I’m going to figure it out regardless. Someone will want it someday :)

Why Shaklee


I plan on sporadically letting you guys know about some products in our house that have really made a MAJOR difference in our health. And to do that, you have to know the company first because I have tried other stuff and rarely find anything that works like my Shaklee works. This company just goes above and beyond and it really shows from the quality of their products to everything they do for the environment and in the world. So, I want to make sure I give you a clear picture of why our family has chosen Shaklee.

**Yes, I have a Shaklee business, and yes I’d love your business to come through me, but first and foremost I want you feeling well and living life to the fullest. I would rather you buy Shaklee from someone else and get healthy/feel great than to personally “make a sale”. I trust Shaklee with everything in me, they have never let me down, so feel free to do your own research. Look into them, let me answer your questions about them, research other companies (I have a questionnaire at the bottom that will help you evaluate other companies), just don’t let the fact that I’m selling it, turn you away. Okay, back to business.**

Before I can tell you why Shaklee, I need to first tell you why supplement at all. Why do we need vitamins? Well, our bodies are made up of trillions of cells, with billions being created every day. Every system in our body needs nutrients to keep it going and our bodies aren’t capable of producing those nutrients on their own. They have to come from outside of us. AKA food, water, supplements, etc. And while my goal is to eat in a way that gives my body the most nutrients as possible (I eat gluten free, grain free, dairy free, corn free, only honey and pure maple syrup as sweeteners, almost NO processed foods…), I know that I can’t do it perfectly. My great diet is still falling short. And that is where Shaklee enters in.

We have a lot of supplements in our house. We use them for many different things. Some just daily supplements, some for when we have headaches, some for if we get sick, some for prevention when we go someplace extra germy. 98% of our supplements are from Shaklee. The ones that aren’t were recommended by my doctor to heal the lining of my gut from accidental exposure to gluten this summer. I’m sure Shaklee has something that would’ve done the trick as well, but I trust Dr. Gladd and know that he is researching things the same as Shaklee does.

That is one of the huge advantages of Shaklee for me. They are a research company. They are not a sales company that happens to sell supplements. Dr. Forrest Shaklee, who started this company almost 60 years ago, was looking for something to help his chiropractic clients with their health and so started developing Shaklee’s supplement line. Since that time, Shaklee has grown and grown and all of the amazing things they are involved in has grown too. You can read more about it here. One of my favorite facts is that they were the first company in the world to totally offset their carbon emissions, meaning they have no drain on the environment. Whether you care a TON about the environment or personally try to kill as much as you can, it’s still cool that this company stands behind what they believe enough to put it into action. It’s also awesome that they were the first ones. But they not only don’t drain, they give back. There is a lot more about all they are involved in, in that link above.

Shaklee is always safe, always works and is always green. These are the things you can guarantee in every one of their products.

Always Safe. Shaklee scours the world for the purest and most potent ingredients. When they get a new batch of raw botanical ingredients for their supplements, they run over 350 tests for pesticides and fungus and all kinds of bad things that could get in there with the good, natural stuff. That’s 240 more tests than they are required to by the United States Pharmacopeia. They run over 100,ooo quality tests a year to make sure their products are pure and potent. When ginseng products were all the rage in the 90’s, Shaklee couldn’t find a source of ginseng that was pure. It all had some type of fungus growing on it. So, Shaklee didn’t have that product on their shelves until they could find a source that met their standards. They forfeited a lot of business in ginseng products because they couldn’t go against what they believed in. I don’t know about you, but that speaks VOLUMES to me. That is how I want my kids to live their lives. Giving up something gratifying in the moment because it is against who they want to be.

Shaklee not only runs tests on the raw ingredients but also on the finished products. There are so many things that can kill whatever good and powerful ingredients are in a product. Heat, pressure and not properly stabilizing ingredients to name a few. Shaklee is aware of these things and therefore tests the finished good to make sure it is still potent. A while back they formulated a product called Immunity Formula I. It is an immune boosting supplement (duh). Anyhow, they found their pure ingredients, made sure each ingredient was potent, then put them together. They could have stopped there. But Shaklee tested the finished product and realized that the way they had put the ingredients together allowed them to all eat each other up basically, so there was nothing good left in it. They would have been selling a worthless, money devouring nothing of a pill. But, Shaklee went back to researching and came up with a way to stabilize all ingredients and put them back together in a way that gets them to us in a POWERFUL way. Basically, Shaklee checks their homework.

Always Works. Shaklee knows stuff. They have 33 years of clinical studies, almost 60 years of experience, 100 published scientific papers, 111 medal winning performances by world class athletes, and a study based on their supplements showing those who took Shaklee over 20 years were healthier. They have invested over $250 million in clinical testing, research and development. They seriously know stuff. But you’d have to if you were the #1 natural nutrition company in the United States.

I could tell you story after story of Shaklee successes in our family alone, and I probably will over time, but for today let’s just say I have seen it work. They fueled, with their products, 7 of Time-Life Books’ 25 Greatest Adventures of All Time. They helped power the first American ascent up Mount Everest. In 1993, Shaklee developed a product specifically for the astronauts in the NASA space shuttle program, which they still use today. And to back up how strongly they believe their products work they have an unconditional guarantee. Use up their product, if it doesn’t work, you get your money back. Boom.

Always Green. Their whole cleaning line is safe for your family, but also safe for the environment. From kitchen to bathroom to laundry, their cleaners are good for you and good for wherever they end up. They developed one of the first biodegradable cleaners. That first link up there can tell you a lot more of the things they do to give back to this planet we are to be good stewards of.

So, yeah. That’s why we choose Shaklee. Over the past 4 years I’ve only learned things that make me like them more. Trust them more. Respect them more. I’m so thankful that I found products to help up so much.

If you want to research other companies, here are some questions you may want to ask. I put some of Shaklee’s answers in for you (if I didn’t talk about them earlier) so you know where they stand.

Questions to Ask of Nutrition Companies

  1. Does the vitamin disintegrate quickly enough to be bio-available for your cells? Example: Shaklee created their B Complex with a patented outer layer (folic acid) that disintegrates quickly enough to get into your body. Folic acid can be hard to absorb, so Shaklee made sure they found a way for it to absorb. They do this with all their products.
  2. What is getting into your/your child’s blood stream? Artificial ingredients, dyes, sugar, preservatives? Is there anything in those products that will harm your child if they take it? Make sure you know what is getting into their blood stream.
  3. Is high heat used to process the vitamins? Shaklee carefully works between 51-131 degrees to make sure the processing keeps the product the same as it’s whole food value. Heating kills nutrients and can turn a product toxic to your body
  4. Do they use high pressure processing, especially for minerals? Calcium can become like a brick under that processing and just sit in our system, not good. Shaklee knows this and is careful.
  5. Is the vitamin food sourced, synthetic or an isolate? Synthetic nutrients are just fake versions of the real thing and don’t work/aren’t good for our bodies.  Or are they an isolate? That just means they put the nutrient all by itself rather than putting it with a companion nutrient which makes it available to the body. Nutrients aren’t found alone in nature so they shouldn’t be alone in your supplements either.  So, what is it made from?
  6. Is the manufacturer committed to product research, scientific research or just marketing research? The majority of companies have no scientific team at all, they don’t even make their product.
  7. Is the research published in scientific journals or just marketing journals?
  8. Do pro athletes and practitioners use the products without endorsement?
  9. Are all ingredients pure and controlled? No pesticides, fungicides, heavy metals, herbicides? Our batches will be rejected if they do. Does your company check for all of that? Do they look at ingredients from beginning to end and stick to pure ingredients no matter what?
  10. Is there a 100% money back guarantee?
  11. Do representatives of company know anything about wellness issues or are they just good salesmen?
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