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Big Baby 8 months



Big Baby is 8 months today! (And wearing 12 month clothes-so still living up to his nickname) he had become such a trooper when we have errands to run in the mornings and I’m so grateful. Seems like we have an abundance of things that need done on our to-do list and he happily (mostly) goes with the flow. Even napping in the car seat if we keep him out longer than he can handle. This is a new development for him, so I’m still trying to remind myself that I have the option to get more than one thing done in a morning.

This past month has been funny. Last month he had conquered waving, clapping and at the beginning of this month: Blowing kisses. And now, he only waves. The others dropped off the radar. Spunky was like this too. She learned to sing her ABCs and sang them multiple times one day (I even videoed it) then it was MONTHS before she did it again. I wonder why that happens. Interesting.



His main focus of baby work has been in the standing/balancing arena. He has been letting go and standing like a big man for 10-15 seconds and getting so proud. He has a toy he likes to stand beside and just play with all the toys it holds. It can double as a walked but even when he pushes it a little distance away, he just leans over to hold the handle, never really taking a step closer. He looks so uncomfortable leaning over to play, but it must not bother him too much.

He loves to sit with his legs all crazy and spread apart. It’s quite humorous, but still isn’t into the crawling/being on his belly. He mostly tries to pull himself up on things but isn’t quite strong enough nor coordinated enough to manage.


I started sitting him on the potty this month. Not to “train” him really, but just to familiarize him with it. The big kids have to potty before bath time, so Baby sits too. And 4 out of 5 times, he pees. I’ve never done it this early before so I have no basis to put this on, but I’m hoping it means he’ll potty train in his sleep. Hm, I’m not sure that saying works here, but you get my drift.


He has become an eating machine. SO mad if he doesn’t have food when everyone else does. And so far i’d say his favorites are bites of my sweet potato, avocado and banana anything. Even when I’m cooking, it’s like he knows that food is around because he wants to be eating instead of just playing while I cook.

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This face is one of my favorites right now. He does it often. You think a sound will come with it, but it’s usually just a little puff of air. So funny. I love this funny little man…4 months until he’s 1! Ahh, I cannot believe it.


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