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Sawyer James 9 months


Even amidst the chaos that is this month, I couldn’t leave out my monthly post about my baby and his changes. There have been some big ones.

He took his first steps last week!! Still not crawling, still not pulling himself up on anything, but by golly if you stand him up he’ll balance and he’ll walk towards you a few steps before just lunging the rest of the way. The big kids were so proud.

He took his first steps walking towards Layla to try to take her toothbrush. It reminded me of Seeley. He took his first steps between her and I as well. I’m so grateful for that little mama. She loves him so well and cares for him so naturally.

Sawyer started eating a lot more this month too. He is no longer satisfied with just Mama’s milk. I still make sure he gets lots of that, but he is also eating lots of soft fruits and veggies and scrambled eggs. It’s good that he’s a fan of eggs. We eat them every morning in one form or another. That’s 8 or 9 dozen every 2 weeks for those keeping track at home.

I’m borrowing a walker from one if my friends and Sawyer has figured it out this month. He follows me from room to room until he gets stuck or facing the wrong direction. I love that he can get around, but can’t get into anything! I know those days will be over so soon, but I’m really soaking them up while they’re here.

Sawyer is my noise box. If he hears Layla squeal or scream, he does it back to her. He loves making monkey sounds, “ah ah ah!” And at the library last week I stood him up next to a shelf of books and he started going “ooooo oooooo” like he was so impressed. I love how noisy he is. We’ll see how much the people on our airplane appreciate his noisiness.

Oh another big deal this month, I’ve started dressing him. Yup, that’s right. Up until now he’s been a pajama only kind of guy but going through clothes to sell at our church’s annual resale I found a bunch of Seeley’s old stuff that will fit him and he’s made the step. Only jammies 75% of the days now instead of full 100%.

Currently we are not sleeping. I’m guessing in a month I’ll be able to report back the growth of at least 3 new teeth, but for now it’s just swollen gums and cranky nights. And I’ve got too much to do this week to nap. Come on teeth!!

It’s so amazing what a month can do. How much different will life look after the next 30 days?


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