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Sawyer James11 new things at 11 months!


1 more month before my baby is a year old! How did that happen?? In an attempt to make this post as interesting to you all as it is to me and my dad, I’m trying a list format. But let’s be honest, you’ll never think my baby is as amazing as I do.

So, here is my list of 11 new things Sawyer is doing at 11 months old!


1. He is crawling! Yay! Annnnd frogging. This is what I call it when he moves both hands at the same time and then drags his sprawled legs behind him. He’s pretty affective at it! It’s like it takes too much brain power to crawl so he aborts that plan and just frogs it. He’s also taking a few more steps. Nothing much, but I’m seeing the confidence start to come out.


2. SIGNING! I’ve been signing to him for a few months now while he watched very intrigued. I kept waiting for him to bust out his moves. Nothing. Just this past week he signed more and all done! Yay Baby!

3. He started growling like a lion, trumpeting like an elephant. Must see. Totes adorbs (that’s for Amy).

4. He is into pinching me while he nurses. This is my least favorite of all the new things, BY FAR! He likes to roll my skin between his finger and thumb while he nurses. Usually he prefers my tummy and he’s pretty gentle. But occasionally he pinches really hard or pinches the back of my arm. I mean seriously, I have scratches all over my tummy. I like that he has a funny quirk, but not when it hurts!


5. He hates showers. Like, cries when the water hits him. Seeley would snuggle and zone out in the shower. This baby gets stressed and anxious. He is solely a bath man.

6. LOVES meat (I’d guess sausage to be his favorite) and blueberries. And kefir. And smoothies. Let’s face it, this boy really just loves to eat. Seeley was a breast milk man. Eating was overrated in his book, so it’s really strange to have such a big eater. Sawyer really only nurses at bedtime, which is kinda nice and also sad. I’m not even close to ready for him to be done with it yet.


7. He loves to swim. The big kids started swim lessons this month and he gets to be in the pool at the same time. He reminds me of a wind up toy. I hold him on his tummy in the water and his arms and legs scoop and kick non stop. I’m so tempted to let him go because I think he’d make it to the other side of the pool at the rate his body is moving! Of course, I haven’t actually done it because I’m sure he’d sink straight to the bottom. And panic. Not good options.

8. Willingly gives me whatever is in his mouth that he shouldn’t have. “Sawyer can I have it?” And he pushes “it” to the front of his tongue and opens wide. His favorite thing to put in his mouth is toilet paper scraps that’s he’s thrown all over the floor. Yummy!


9. Opens really really wide for food. Like jaw extended fully open, saying “AHHHH!” Hilarious.

10. Naps on a cushion on the floor. Yes, like a dog. My only solace is that his bed is made out of blankets, not an actual dog cushion. Of course I’m sure people make dog beds out of blankets too. Oh well. It just makes the most sense for our current needs. He’s comfy and safe and sleeps well.


11. Has a pretty excellent little mullet working. His hair on top is really short, but in the back it’s thick and long. It’s not obviously a mullet all the time. I can usually hide the long parts by just plastering it to the back of his head (sounds cute, right?) I want to cut it and even him out, but I’m not sure how’d he’d handle the clippers. So, for now, he’s mini-mullet man.


So there you have it! 11 things you didn’t know about my baby as he enters his 12th month of life.

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“Sawyer James11 new things at 11 months!”

  1. Avatar May 20th, 2014 at 4:37 pm Gregg Kurtz Says:

    Mini-mullet man! Perfect!!

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