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I remember, when filling out Spunky’s baby book, a section for filling out what a typical day looked like. I also remember thinking that was an odd thing to write down since we were living it. But, alas, the writers of said baby book had done their market research and a section for remembering the every day does make sense. I did fill out that section, despite being unconvinced of its importance, however I didn’t fill it out in a way that makes much sense to me now. Bummer.

These days look a whole lot different than the days when it was just Spunky and me. I sure had a lot of free time those days, little did I know. And maybe, if God blesses us with more babies, I’ll look back at these days and think the same thing.

Our day starts between 6-7am when the big kids wake up. They then spend some time distracting chatting with Trav before he leaves for work. He turns on Wild Kratts for them before he leaves and I have until 8 to either catch up on lost sleep during the night, or wake up slowly and quietly. *this may be changing as I am realizing the power of a half hour out of bed: 1 basket of laundry, worship music and tea maybe?*

We do breakfast and occasionally (I’d like it to turn more regular) read Jesus calling for kids or Jesus story book Bible. Then I usually have to get baby down for first nap. The big kids play and go about their big kid business.

When I’m done with baby we play or craft or jump into whatever project they are into. This morning we cleaned the leftover playroom toys from yesterday and played cootie. Then we made covers for our art journals.

Baby wakes up sometime in there and plays with us or just near us. There tends to be lots of short bursts of nursing. I can’t keep him focused for long, but I’m okay with that too. He also likes to be moved around. Toys in one area only interest him for 10 minutes until he’s mad and wanting new scenery.

Then lunch and nap. I put baby to sleep first, then Monkey. I try to get the big brother asleep before 1. I have to lay with him to ensure napping. I’ve never tried the put-him-in-there-every-day-and-eventually-he’ll-nap method. It might work, but with touch being his love language, that half hour of snuggling while reading a book and falling asleep is worth it. If Big Baby wakes up while I’m with Monkey, then big sister comes in and takes care of him until I can get away. We have a system and it works for us!


While I’m getting Monkey to sleep, Spunky is on her own. She sometimes plays games on the iPad, sometimes does crafts, sometimes does Legos.

Then when I come down, I’m all hers. We read Charlettes Web, do reading lessons, workbooks, puzzles, play Legos and craft. Whatever interests her that day. These days we’ve been drinking hot chocolate (almond milk and Enjoy Life Chocolate Chips warmed/melted on the stove, then made frothy in the vitamix!) while we work.


Baby wakes up, Monkey wakes up and everyone needs fed. During all this, the┬ábaby goes from jumper to walker to kitchen floor to dining room floor to living room floor. He can’t move himself but sure gets tired of being in the same place for too long. He’ll be a happy guy when he can get around!

Monkey usually takes his turn on the iPad or computer while he wakes up.

We play and do whatever until 4 when we go into cleaning mode. Dishes, if I’ve gotten behind during the day, laundry and general tidying. Not much ACTUAL dirt cleaning takes place on a day to day basis. I won’t go into those details. You may not want to visit my house if I do.


Then dinner and Baby’s last nap. It’s such a bummer that those need to happen at the same time. The big kids are starving (they say) and if I keep baby awake then last nap creeps dangerously close to night and we have to party until midnight since his nap ended at 8. I’m still working that situation out. I’ve not nailed it yet.

We do bath, teeth, jammies, stories, favorite and least favorite parts of the day and prayer. Kids are in bed by 7/7:30. I try to write a bit, read a bit and spend some quality time with baby. We’re in bed by 9/9:30 if we can. And then, we start it all over!



It’s easy for our days to feel simple and unimportant in the grand scheme of things, but even though my world feels small, these little people have a really safe and secure world and that’s what I’m going for.

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