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About 10 weeks after I got pregnant with Seeley, one of my best friends got pregnant with her first, a little girl. I was about a week late, she was a week early so here we are with little friends who are only 8 weeks apart. As soon as we knew the gender differences, we each had the fun and harmless thought “friends for life or more than that?”

But I determined to never be THAT mom who made a big deal about their kids marrying someone or making them uncomfortable with “aw how cute” comments to the kids. Obviously we are years away from making them uncomfortable, but still, the principal remains. I resolve to never add any pressure or awkwardness to whatever relationship they have.

But seriously…. They really have something sweet and special between them.

Seeley has no little friends that he likes to play with. He prefers to play with Layla and her friends. Who wouldn’t? They play so much bigger and with more plot and theme than he can come up with on his own at 2 and a half. When we go to friend’s houses and he has a little boy his age around with toy trains and cars (some of his favorites), he still prefers Layla and her friends. Except Ari. There has always been room for Ari. Maybe just because she’s a girl and he knows how to play best with girls since that’s what he knows. Maybe because they’ve been around each other since the womb. Maybe because (in a totally surrendered, non-forceful way) I’m praying for them to get married. Whatever it is, I love it.
Seeley’s favorite nap stories right now are “Seeley Ari stories”. These include adventures where Seeley and Ari go to the zoo, park, ocean, bike rides…Seeley even flew Ari around in an airplane once. But the stories always have to end with them going to the park to swing and go down the slides. Always. 
And why is it, that I only have pictures of these 2 from behind? Weird. I’m going to work on that.

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