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I was re-reading some things in my journal and found this I needed to share. I know it’s been eons since I’ve written in here, but the words never stop flowing in one way or another.

A verse I’ve been leaning on a lot this season is Exodus 14:14 “The Lord will fight for you, you need only be still.” And I need to remember that truth because I’m a fighter. And I think that can be a wonderful quality he put in me. But, it can also mean me fighting at times when I’m not meant to.

So I reflected on this stillness that invites us to let God fight.

Because it’s in the stillness we seek his face, not a solution. Its in the stillness we hear his voice whispering to us above the noise of all the other voices. In the stillness our wounded, bleeding hearts see the impossible hope he offers. Wholeness. Healing. Rest. Peace. Comfort. Protection. Love. Purpose.

Only when we unclench our bleeding, battered, bruised fists and sit down amidst the chaos and mess we’ve created by our adamant fighting; our willful defiance that we can do this life on our own. Only then, in the deafening stillness, the awkward un-striving, un-productive moments, God battles for us in a way we never expect. A way that seems at worst completely impossible and at best ridiculously foolish.

He meets us.
He fights.
He wins.

He always wins.

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