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Tribute to my favorite show of all time


Last night I watched the last episode of my all time favorite show, Psych. It was a great final episode, but I made 2 major mistakes that made the show harder for me than it needed to be.

1. I didn’t know it was the final show until about 15 minutes until the end. So, instead of savoring the final episode, preparing myself for this being the last time I get to watch anticipating the new antics the guys get in, I was caught off guard. I wasn’t prepared for losing these friends forever.

2. My hormones are crazy out of whack. My body is struggling a lot since having Sawyer, and my hormones seem extreme, sometimes up, sometimes down. I am in one of those places down places right now. The show ended and I started crying. Kinda hard. Perhaps a little out of proportion, but it was an amazing show, so maybe not.

It really was a brilliant show that had all of the elements I like best. It was silly and sweet and over the top and hilarious and had a character with a superpower (kinda) and a team working together and mystery that wasn’t too scary or gory so I didn’t have nightmares. They changed the theme song to fit the silliness of multiple episodes. They did a whole tribute episode to one of their favorite 80’s shows: Twin Peaks. Now I didn’t get hardly ANY of that episode, being born in the 80’s when people were into it, but I just loved that they would even do that…oh Psych. You had it all.

I had dreams, multiple times, of me being friends with Shawn and Gus. Solving crimes with them or being friends with the actors themselves (who were, of course, just like the characters they played). I really loved Shawn and Gus. They cheered me up once a week or just gave me a break from The Serious to enjoy something light-hearted. Oh guys.

And if you’ve been reading my blog for awhile, you know that I fall pretty hard for my favorite characters. I read a book series with characters I love and when it ends I need a break from books for awhile while I mourn the loss of some new friends.

And Shawn and Gus? I’ve been friends with them for 8 years. When Trav and I first got married Psych started and Trav’s brother liked the show. I started watching with him, back when it was Monk and Psych Fridays, and eventually turned Travis into a follower as well. We watched at his parent’s house for awhile, watched DVDs of the seasons we missed (no cable or internet), then had cable for a bit and hosted a Psych show party once a week. And now we watch via Hulu on our laptop connected to the tv.

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