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Welcome to my new page!


Hi everyone!! I am writing on my new laptop for my new blog! So much new it makes me excited! Welcome!! I am still trying to get things up and going, so bear with me while I figure it out, but this way you’ll get to discover new things as I figure them out. While I do love new, I’m easily frazzled by all computer/internet lingo and then shut down because I can’t figure out step 1, let alone get to step 10 where I’m trying to end up. Luckily I have a computer/internet guru who I can text and call and get almost all answers to my questions. Pretty excellent to have that at my disposal, but making timing work for everyone and getting my brain jazzed for new techie things is another story.

Anyway, I don’t plan on anything different going on over here, just more of the same as before just in a more “me” feeling space. I’m glad you’re here!!

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