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What we do when we have the flu


This nasty stomach bug seems to be going around so I thought I’d let you all know what we do in those situations. We haven’t gotten it this year, thankfully, but I keep hearing about it in our circles, so I’m glad I’m stocked up on what we’d need. As always, in case you haven’t seen it, this is why we are pretty strictly Shaklee around here.


One very important thing when there is vomiting and diarrhea is to stay hydrated. Sometimes vomiting can continue simply because the electrolyte balance is all out of whack. I’ve seen it in Layla. She was sick with the flu and couldn’t even keep in a sip of water. She kept throwing up and throwing up despite having an empty stomach. A friend suggested i give her sips of Shaklee’s Performance instead. It is Shaklee’s sports rehydration drink and it is all the things we love about Shaklee- no sugar, artificial anything, dyes, etc. and it is a perfect balance for the body. She started sipping that and didn’t throw up again. Of course, it isn’t magic and if you’re still sick you may still throw up, but your body won’t be struggling with dehydration as well.

The only other thing I do is optiflora, shaklee’s probiotic. While the gut is losing the good bacteria at an intense rate, it helps to keep replenishing it and allowing them to do their work.

I don’t do Tylenol or Motrin for fevers. I just try to keep my kids or me as comfortable as possible. My reasons? One, I don’t personally trust what’s in those or how they work, and two, fevers are good and shouldn’t be tampered with. God created fevers as a part of our body’s defense system. This has some good myth versus facts about fevers, although I don’t agree with giving medication for discomfort. I don’t want my kids uncomfortable, but breaking up the fever over and over instead of letting it do it’s thing, will make them uncomfortable longer, because it will take their body longer to fight. This Mama talks a little about it here.

Good luck! I hope your family doesn’t catch the bug going around! Let me know if you want to stock up on things so you’re ready in case it comes your way!


*As always, I’m not a dr, just a mama who has found some amazing things that work for my family and I’d like to share them with you!

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