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Why Shaklee


Before I can tell you why Shaklee, I need to first tell you why supplement at all. Why do we need vitamins? Well, our bodies are made up of trillions of cells, with billions being created every day. Every system in our body needs nutrients to keep it going and our bodies aren’t capable of producing those nutrients on their own. They have to come from outside of us. AKA food, water, supplements, etc. And while my goal is to eat in a way that gives my body the most nutrients as possible (I eat gluten free, grain free, dairy free, corn free, only honey and pure maple syrup as sweeteners, almost NO processed foods…), I know that I can’t do it perfectly. My great diet is still falling short. And that is where Shaklee enters in.

We have a lot of supplements in our house. We use them for many different things. Some just daily supplements, some for when we have headaches, some for if we get sick, some for prevention when we go someplace extra germy. 98% of our supplements are from Shaklee. The ones that aren’t were recommended by my doctor to heal the lining of my gut from accidental exposure to gluten this summer. I’m sure Shaklee has something that would’ve done the trick as well, but I trust Dr. Gladd and know that he is researching things the same as Shaklee does.

That is one of the huge advantages of Shaklee for me. They are a research company. They are not a sales company that happens to sell supplements. Dr. Forrest Shaklee, who started this company almost 60 years ago, was looking for something to help his chiropractic clients with their health and so started developing Shaklee’s supplement line. Since that time, Shaklee has grown and grown and all of the amazing things they are involved in has grown too. You can read more about it here. One of my favorite facts is that they were the first company in the world to totally offset their carbon emissions, meaning they have no drain on the environment. Whether you care a TON about the environment or personally try to kill as much as you can, it’s still cool that this company stands behind what they believe enough to put it into action. It’s also awesome that they were the first ones. But they not only don’t drain, they give back. There is a lot more about all they are involved in, in that link above.

Shaklee is always safe, always works and is always green. These are the things you can guarantee in every one of their products.

Always Safe. Shaklee scours the world for the purest and most potent ingredients. When they get a new batch of raw botanical ingredients for their supplements, they run over 350 tests for pesticides and fungus and all kinds of bad things that could get in there with the good, natural stuff. That’s 240 more tests than they are required to by the United States Pharmacopeia. They run over 100,ooo quality tests a year to make sure their products are pure and potent. When ginseng products were all the rage in the 90’s, Shaklee couldn’t find a source of ginseng that was pure. It all had some type of fungus growing on it. So, Shaklee didn’t have that product on their shelves until they could find a source that met their standards. They forfeited a lot of business in ginseng products because they couldn’t go against what they believed in. I don’t know about you, but that speaks VOLUMES to me. That is how I want my kids to live their lives. Giving up something gratifying in the moment because it is against who they want to be.

Shaklee not only runs tests on the raw ingredients but also on the finished products. There are so many things that can kill whatever good and powerful ingredients are in a product. Heat, pressure and not properly stabilizing ingredients to name a few. Shaklee is aware of these things and therefore tests the finished good to make sure it is still potent. A while back they formulated a product called Immunity Formula I. It is an immune boosting supplement (duh). Anyhow, they found their pure ingredients, made sure each ingredient was potent, then put them together. They could have stopped there. But Shaklee tested the finished product and realized that the way they had put the ingredients together allowed them to all eat each other up basically, so there was nothing good left in it. They would have been selling a worthless, money devouring nothing of a pill. But, Shaklee went back to researching and came up with a way to stabilize all ingredients and put them back together in a way that gets them to us in a POWERFUL way. Basically, Shaklee checks their homework.

Always Works. Shaklee knows stuff. They have 33 years of clinical studies, almost 60 years of experience, 100 published scientific papers, 111 medal winning performances by world class athletes, and a study based on their supplements showing those who took Shaklee over 20 years were healthier. They have invested over $250 million in clinical testing, research and development. They seriously know stuff. But you’d have to if you were the #1 natural nutrition company in the United States.

I could tell you story after story of Shaklee successes in our family alone, and I probably will over time, but for today let’s just say I have seen it work. They fueled, with their products, 7 of Time-Life Books’ 25 Greatest Adventures of All Time. They helped power the first American ascent up Mount Everest. In 1993, Shaklee developed a product specifically for the astronauts in the NASA space shuttle program, which they still use today. And to back up how strongly they believe their products work they have an unconditional guarantee. Use up their product, if it doesn’t work, you get your money back. Boom.

Always Green. Their whole cleaning line is safe for your family, but also safe for the environment. From kitchen to bathroom to laundry, their cleaners are good for you and good for wherever they end up. They developed one of the first biodegradable cleaners. That first link up there can tell you a lot more of the things they do to give back to this planet we are to be good stewards of.

So, yeah. That’s why we choose Shaklee. Over the past 4 years I’ve only learned things that make me like them more. Trust them more. Respect them more. I’m so thankful that I found products to help up so much.

If you want to research other companies, here are some questions you may want to ask. I put some of Shaklee’s answers in for you (if I didn’t talk about them earlier) so you know where they stand.

Questions to Ask of Nutrition Companies

  1. Does the vitamin disintegrate quickly enough to be bio-available for your cells? Example: Shaklee created their B Complex with a patented outer layer (folic acid) that disintegrates quickly enough to get into your body. Folic acid can be hard to absorb, so Shaklee made sure they found a way for it to absorb. They do this with all their products.
  2. What is getting into your/your child’s blood stream? Artificial ingredients, dyes, sugar, preservatives? Is there anything in those products that will harm your child if they take it? Make sure you know what is getting into their blood stream.
  3. Is high heat used to process the vitamins? Shaklee carefully works between 51-131 degrees to make sure the processing keeps the product the same as it’s whole food value. Heating kills nutrients and can turn a product toxic to your body
  4. Do they use high pressure processing, especially for minerals? Calcium can become like a brick under that processing and just sit in our system, not good. Shaklee knows this and is careful.
  5. Is the vitamin food sourced, synthetic or an isolate? Synthetic nutrients are just fake versions of the real thing and don’t work/aren’t good for our bodies.  Or are they an isolate? That just means they put the nutrient all by itself rather than putting it with a companion nutrient which makes it available to the body. Nutrients aren’t found alone in nature so they shouldn’t be alone in your supplements either.  So, what is it made from?
  6. Is the manufacturer committed to product research, scientific research or just marketing research? The majority of companies have no scientific team at all, they don’t even make their product.
  7. Is the research published in scientific journals or just marketing journals?
  8. Do pro athletes and practitioners use the products without endorsement?
  9. Are all ingredients pure and controlled? No pesticides, fungicides, heavy metals, herbicides? Our batches will be rejected if they do. Does your company check for all of that? Do they look at ingredients from beginning to end and stick to pure ingredients no matter what?
  10. Is there a 100% money back guarantee?
  11. Do representatives of company know anything about wellness issues or are they just good salesmen?
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