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Wild Kratts


Right now my big kids are into a show on PBS called Wild Kratts. They watch it first thing in the morning after Trav leaves for work. It is a cartoon about animals but full of facts. They walk away learning a lot about animals. More than I know. Here are a few of my favorite Wild Kratt moments.

A week or so ago we were reading a leftover Thanksgiving book about turkeys. The turkey in this book flew into the tree. Layla said, “Turkeys can’t fly. Only wild turkeys can fly.” Oh, okay. Good to know. Then a few days ago we were doing some workbook thing together and the question said, “Which animals fly?” She had a list of answers to choose from and she had birds and chickens left. She said, “American chickens can fly too!”

She also asked me the other day at breakfast if people had natural predators. Um…. It took me a minute but I got to the answer she was looking for.

I love seeing all of the different ways they learn. Even from a TV show.

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